Merry Christmush sale

Are you looking for mushroom themed gifts for your mycophile family and friends? If you are in the Eugne/Springfield area, mark your calendars for December 14, 2021. The Cascade Mycological Society will be holding a Merry Christmush sale at the Amazon Community Center from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome to come by and shop for the holidays; and everyone will receive the CMS member discount. Below are the items we will be selling.

CMS Clothing

2021 CMS t-shirt – Psilocybin azurescens

Short Sleeve – $18

Long Sleeve – $23

Our 2021 Psilocybin t-shirts were designed by artist Julie Hamilton from Bend, OR. We have lots of colors and sizes and both short and long sleeves.

2018 CMS t-shirt – Tricholoma magnivelare

Short Sleeve – $15

CMS member Anne Goddard designed our 2018 t-shirt. Anne is an avid mushroomer who illustrates almost everything she finds. She lives on the coast where Matsutake mushrooms sprout up near pine trees in the fall. We have short sleeve brown t-shirts.

2019 CMS t-shirt – Sparassis crispa

Short Sleeve – $15

Our 2019 t-shirts are the Cauliflower mushroom illustrated by Paula Fong from Talent, OR. We have short sleeve t-shirts in multiple colors.

Apron – Cantharellus formosus

Short Sleeve – $15

Every mycophile chef needs an apron with a mushroom. We chose to place the Oregon State Mushroom, the Golden Chanterelle on an apron. One size fits all, black.

The CMS Wild Mushroom Cookbook


The CMS Wild Mushroom Cookbook is the product of two years of recipe collecting and many memorable, potluck dinners that gave CMS members the opportunity to savor many of the dishes in the book while communing with their fellow lovers of fungi. It is really much more than a cookbook. It is a snapshot of our regions fruiting schedule, abundant fungi, and tips and techniques collected by a network of mycology lovers with a lifetime of experiences to share. – For more details and a “sneak peak” inside the cookbook, click here.

Mushroom Prayer Flags


CMS members love these Mushroom Prayer Flags! So much so that local to Eugene area artist, Cada Johnson, has kindly allowed CMS to offer her Mushroom Prayer Flags in the CMS Store. The prayers are the same on each flag, coupled with a different species of mushroom. Each flag measures approximately 7×7 inches. The flags stretch approximately 37 inches with additional string on each side. The total string length is roughly 90 inches. The flags are made in Oregon of 100% recycled polyester with nylon string and sewn with black thread.

Mushroom Magnets


Everyone loves mushrooms and everyone needs fun magnets for their fridge, locker, or magnetic bulletin board. Choose from Chanterelle, Fly Amanita, King Bolete, or Morel. Or, buy all 4.

More details here.

Mushroom Ornaments

Single – $13

Any 2 – $24

Any 4 – $44

Add mushrooms to your Holiday tree or display them year round. Choose from Chanterelle, Fly Amanita, King Bolete, or Morel. Comes in a gift box with an ornament holder.

Mushroom Earrings


If you are looking for mushroom earrings that look like the real thing you have come to the right place.  Choose from Chanterelle, Fly Amanita, King Bolete, Morel or Purple Cort.

More details here.

Felted Mushroom Pins


You can wear these felted mushroom pins as a broach or add them to your favorite mushrooming hat.

Give the Gift of CMS Membership!

You may purchase a Standard membership for one person for $20, or a Family membership for everyone in a household for $35. Gift certificates with cards and envelopes will be provided. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase an electronic version that you may email in the CMS store.

Vintage Mushroom Paper

One of a kind mushroom paper from the 60s. You can use it as wrapping paper, or perhaps frame a section!

$1.50 per yard (24 inches x 3 feet)

CMS Stickers

Great stocking stuffers!

$1 each

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