Grants and Scholarships

Grants & Scholarships

The Cascade Mycological Society awards both grants and scholarships. Grants are for teaching children and teens while scholarships are for students at the college level.

Teaching and Demonstration Support Grants

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by alexandra sielicki age 5

The Cascade Mycological Society will award a teaching and support grant up to $200. Grants are for teaching children in kindergarten through grade 12 about mushrooms or fungi. For example, to teach lessons on mushrooms, host a speaker, conduct a field trip, grow mushrooms in the classroom, or obtain books for use in school.

The amount of the teaching and support grant will be based upon merit and cost. CMS is willing to assist applicants in creating projects. In addition, CMS may be able to provide additional help for projects, such as arranging for speakers or mushroom field trip leaders.

Grants and Scholarships

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Freeman Rowe Educational Scholarship

Freeman Rowe

CMS has been proud to offer the Freeman Rowe Educational Scholarship since 2008. To be eligible, you must be an Oregon student (community college, university undergraduate or graduate) who is engaging in mycology research. The scholarship(s) are for research that forwards the understanding of the biology and ecology of fungi or that demonstrates the practical uses of fungi.

The successful candidate will receive up to $1,000 and must present the results of the research at a CMS general meeting. Candidates may apply once during each degree program (Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral).

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