CMS Wild Mushroom Cookbook

Cascade Mycological Society Cookbook 

The CMS Wild Mushroom Cookbook is the product of two years of recipe collecting and many memorable, potluck dinners that gave CMS members the opportunity to savor many of the dishes in the book while communing with their fellow lovers of fungi. It is really much more than a cookbook. It is a snapshot of our regions fruiting schedule, abundant fungi, and tips and techniques collected by a network of mycology lovers with a lifetime of experiences to share.

All proceeds from CMS Cookbooks go towards supporting CMS Mycology Grants and Scholarships.

Click through the slideshow below to view the Cookbook Table of Contents and some sample pages.

Cookbook Features
  • Arranged by fruiting seasons (fall, winter, spring).
  • Sections on Mushroom Storage, Preservation, and Nutritional Benefits.
  • For each mushroom: an introduction, a selection of recipes, followed by foraging and preparation tips.
  • Pages: 170
  • Mushroom Types/Species: 17
  • Recipes: 75
  • Foraging and Preparation Tips: 51
  • Color Photos: 77

Cookbooks will arrive wrapped in a Mushroom Paper gift wrap.

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