Macrofungi of Lane County, OR

Welcome to Macrofungi of Lane County, Oregon (MLCO)

Our Mission: 

  • Inventory, catalog,  and describe the macrofungi of Lane County, Oregon as completely and accurately as possible. This will include voucher specimens, photographs, and DNA barcoding as an essential element for each taxon, prioritizing those species that require taxonomic resolution or more information.
  • Articulate fully with the North American Mycoflora Project (NAMP) whose mission is to “identify and map the distribution of macrofungi throughout North America”.
  • Wherever appropriate, provide opportunities for active participation and project experience for LCC and UO students, and members of CMS.

Watch this introductory video produced by the Illinois Mycological Association to learn more about the North American Mycoflora Project.

Citizen Scientist at Work

Watch this introductory video produced by the Illinois Mycological Association to learn more about the North American Mycoflora Project.

“Citizen Science happens when everyone becomes involved, mushroom hunters, volunteers, photographers, students, and scientists. Local mycoflora projects are growing across North America. Together we can build up knowledge on the diversity and distribution of our fungi.”

About Us:

The MLCO was conceived by Susie Holmes, Bruce Newhouse, Bitty Roy, and Roo Vandergrift in January of 2018. All are members of the Cascade Mycological Society and have extensively contributed both their time and talents to the mushroom display at the annual MPA Mushroom Festival. After some initial meetings and collaboration with others who have initiated local mycoflora projects, they brought their concept forward to the CMS Board of Directors. The CMS Board unanimously voted to sponsor MLCO with Susie, Bruce, Bitty, and Roo serving as the steering committee. The steering committee then went forward with registering MLCO as an official project of the NAMP and is currently created projects on both INaturalist and Mushroom Observer, which serve as the primary data repositories for NAMP. 

MLCO Short Term Plans:

We would like to start small in order to work out many needed processes. After working out the details, we look forward to offering workshop opportunities to train CMS members as citizen scientists in proper fungi collection and vouchering techniques.  We also anticipate Mycoblitz forays in which the sole mission is to voucher specimens. Long-term plans also include how to incorporate the annual Mount Pisgah Arboretum (MPA) Mushroom Festival. The goal will be to educate festival-goers about MLCO and its mission and to incorporate at least a portion of the fungi collected for the festival into the MLCO macrofungi inventory.

View MLCO Foray Reports

What you can do:

Easily capture photos and view possible species types
  • Sign-up for the CMS newsletter to hear about MLCO events.
  • Learn more about INaturalist (web and mobile app for all things natural: plants, fish, mammals, mushrooms, etc).
  • Take photos of the mushrooms you find in Lane County. Follow the instructions on this page to upload your photos and add them to the MLCO project.  

Donate: All of the events and activities associated with MLCO, such as collecting mushroom specimens are performed by volunteers. Volunteers work for free, and we appreciate them very much. But, DNA testing of mushroom species is not free. It costs MLCO $10 for each mushroom specimen to be DNA tested.  If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do that here. Or, you can purchase a set of handcrafted Mushroom Wine Charms here.

Recent  Observations on INaturalist from the MLCO Project