Community Events


Due to COVID-19, all fungi education events led by CMS Members and sponsored by our community partners normally scheduled for the fall have been cancelled. Below is a list of the events that we normally participate in. We hope to see them all back in 2021.

CMS partners with the City of Eugene Recreation Services to offer seasonal educational forays and classes to the community through the Amazon Community Recreation Center.  CMS members also partner with other organizations to give talks and mushroom walks at a variety of other venues throughout the mushrooming season. All are open to all community members (no CMS membership required). Many are free. All Community Events are listed here, on the CMS Calendar, and on the CMS Facebook Events Page as we become aware of them.

October 15, 2019 (7-9 pm) – Forest Treasures, Finding & Enjoying Wild Mushrooms – Free – Wildcraft Cider Works
Hosted by REI, talk is given by CMS members Bruce Newhouse & Peg Boulay.
More information and registration at REI Website.

$1 from every cider will be donated to Cascade Mycological Society. Make sure you show up by 6:30 to get your seats and ciders early so you don’t miss any of the show!

October 16, 2019 (9 am- 5 pm)- Adult Mushroom Foray – Fee $35 – Amazon Community Center
In partnership with the Cascade Mycological Society, we offer a trip to the woods in search of mushrooms. This trip will be educational and with luck, we will find some edible varieties. Open to persons 18 years and older. Transportation included. Register at Eugene RecEnroll (code 5127). 

November 1, 2019 (7-9 pm) – Intro To Wild Mushroom Foraging  – FREE – Amazon Community Center
Do you enjoy eating local wild mushrooms but are afraid to forage for them? Learn how to safely identify and consume wild mushrooms. Discover their habitat, which mushrooms to avoid and which choice edibles are easiest to identify and find. The presentation includes an edible & non-edible mushroom display and wild mushroom tasting based on season and weather availability. Register at Eugene RecEnroll (code 5126). 

November 2, 2019  (10 am-noon) – Family Mushroom Foray – FREE – Amazon Community Center
The Cascade Mycological Society guides us on a fungi identification hunt in our own neighborhood. Explore a local park (Hendrick Park or Amazon Park) for fall mushrooms. We won’t be picking on this trip, just identifying. Register at Eugene RecEnroll (code 5125). 

Spring Class, May 8, 2019 – Cooking with Wild Mushrooms – $10 – Amazon Community CenterMushrooms add wonderful flavor and depth to dishes; plus they provide valuable nutrition. The Cascade Mycological Society will introduce you to some of the many locally available wild mushrooms that are best for your table. Learn the best ways to clean them preserve them and cook with them. Plus learn a few insider tricks to bring out their sumptuous flavor.  The class will wrap up with a chance to taste a dish made with seasonally available mushrooms. Register at Eugene RecEnroll (code TBD)