Member Benefits

CMS Membership


All CMS meetings are open to the public, and anyone can also receive the CMS newsletter. But, for as little as $15 per year, you will have access to a whole lot more:

  • Learn to safely identify choice, edible wild mushrooms from experienced mushroomers.
  • Ability to participate in CMS Members Only Mushroom Forays  (10-12 per year).
  • CMS Members Only weekend-long outing for Morels in the spring, and another for Spring Boletes.
  • Receive discounts on all CMS products (cookbook, t-shirts, mushroom earrings/ornaments/magnets/wine charms, mushroom prayer flag.
  • Help collect and set up for the annual Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival.
  • Informal CMS Members only gatherings and outings to enjoy Mushroom cuisine.
  • An opportunity to interact with experienced Mushroomers who will tell you more than “I found it in the PNW”.

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As of the 2019 season, your CMS membership now includes a login to the CMS website where you will have access to member’s only resources, including:

  • A Member’s page with a consolidated view of upcoming activities.
  • A Help page to assist you with navigating the CMS resources available to you.
  • Your personal Membership status page so that you will always know when your membership expires.
  • A look ahead at the foray schedule for the year.
  • Area forum boards so that you can communicate with other CMS members who live near you.
  • Interest Group forum boards so you can Communicate with other CMS Members that have the same mycological interests as you.
  • A Mushroom ID Help forum to ask other CMS members about a mushroom you have found.
  • An online store where you can purchase a variety of mushroom gifts and receive your member’s only discount.
  • A member-specific blog that you can participate in.
  • Member’s only educational materials.

Membership fees pay for guest speakers, special events, postage, insurance, website operations, Mushroom Festival participation, community education, research projects and more. Payments are good for a one-year membership, with the exception of Life membership payments.

Ready to Join?

Membership starts at just $15 per year. Membership payments are securely processed through Paypal.