Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival

Always the last Sunday in October!


Food, Fun, Discovery, and More

The Mount Pisgah Arboretum (MPA) Mushroom Festival is considered to be the largest mushroom festival on the west coast and is definitely the largest educational event of the year for the Cascade Mycological Society.  CMS along with our partners, Lane Community College, have been involved since its inception in 1981 and are integral to its success. Read the History of the MPA Mushroom Festival to learn how then LCC Professor Freeman Rowe and CMS members-to-be started this fabulous festival to benefit the Mount Pisgah Arboretum.

CMS and LCC organize these events and activities for the festival:

  • The Mushroom Display – Definitely the “Star of the Show”.  Thanks to our abundant forests, dedicated CMS volunteers, LCC and UofO Biology students & faculty, and CMS sponsored Expert Mycologists, the Mushroom Display is known for being the largest on the West Coast.   We typically have between 450 to 525 identified species on display.  Each displayed species includes an informational card that identifies the scientific and common names of the Mushroom, it’s edibility, and it’s features and habitat.
  • Edible and Poisonous Mushroom Tent – This display allows you to see and touch many of the local edible mushrooms you will find in our local forest.  More importantly, you can see common poisonous mushrooms to avoid.  Plus,  we display edible mushrooms side-by-side with any of their look-alike mushrooms that you will want to avoid.
  • Expert Identification Table – CMS Members and Expert Mycologists sponsored by CMS will be on hand to identify mushrooms you would like to have identified. And, also to answer all of your fungi related questions.
  • Culinary Demos – CMS organizes the Talks on the Terrace featuring Culinary Demonstrations with delicious Mushroom recipes by local chefs and fungi aficionados.
  • Fun Fungal Facts – Learn everything you wanted to know about Mushrooms, plus more that you never thought about!
  • Medicinal Mushroom Display – Learn all about the nutrition, health benefits, and disease-fighting properties of mushrooms.
  • Dying with Mushrooms –  Learn about the process of how to use mushrooms to dye wool and silk, what mushrooms to use, and what colors can be created.
  • CMS Booth – Want to learn more about CMS.  Come talk to us at the CMS Booth. You will also be able to become a CMS member and purchase CMS merchandise (Cookbook, Earrings, T-shirts & Hoodies).  CMS members always receive a discount on CMS merchandise.

To learn more about all of the activities at this annual Family Friendly Festival. Click on Mushroom Festival from the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Events Page.