Membership Status

Your CMS Membership Status

Below is your Membership status and history of payments/receipts. For further explanations of each, keep scrolling down.

Membership Status Explained

  • Pending – Your membership is in transition, most likely a Paypal charge is pending. If you do not complete your Paypal payment, you will remain as Pending; you will not have access to any CMS Member content. CMS may delete accounts that show a Pending status for 30 days or more.
  • Active – Your membership is in good standing.
  • Expired – Your membership is expired. You must renew to regain access to Member Benefits.
  • Cancelled – You have cancelled your membership. You will still have access to Member Benefits until your Membership Expiration Date.

Invoices Explained

Do not be alarmed to see multiple invoices for your Membership payments. Here is an explanation of the types of Payment Status.

  • Pending – A payment is pending within Paypal – you have not yet been charged.
  • Complete – Your payment is complete. Your credit card will be charged via Paypal.
  • Failed – A payment failed within Paypal. Either a technical issue, or your credit card information you entered or have on file with Paypal is not valid.
  • Refunded – A payment has been refunded.
  • Abandoned – A payment shows as abandoned if you do not complete your payment transaction through Paypal.