CMS Enews – April 2018


This month’s Enews invites members to attend this Wednesday’s CMS meeting which will feature Christian Schwarz co-author of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast. Christian will be talking to us about an exciting new project being undertaken nationwide by amateur mycologists.  You won’t want to miss hearing about the Mycoflora Project of North America and also how you can get involved locally.  Next up, is the Mushroom Gardening Class CMS sponsors at the Amazon Community Center in May. Learn what it is all about and how to register, even if you are not a CMS member.  The CMS mushrooming year is coming to an end, but there are still some fun events coming up that you will learn about. The Fungi News roundup (AKA In Case you missed it on Facebook) has some interesting stories for you. To read the full issue of the CMS April Enews – click here

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