November 2017 Enews


The November 2017 Issue of the CMS Enews tells us about the presentation Dave Pilz will give at the November CMS meeting. Dave is always an entertaining and interesting speaker for CMS. You can also read about the successes of the 2017 Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival. Learn the records that we broke, the unusual Best in show Mushrooms, and about the very popular new Scientific Illustrations interactive display at the festival.  CMS Enews co-editor Eva Swaim tells us about her experience of volunteering for the festival for the 1st time. Next, we point you to some new wild mushroom recipes on the CMS web pages. You will not want to miss reading about all of the antioxidant properties of one of our favorite fall mushrooms. You will find that article in the “In Case You Missed it on Facebook section”. The November-December mushroom forecast will inform you about the latest conditions and what to expect to be “popping” soon.  The Mushroom of the Month is all about the very colorful Waxy Cap mushrooms.  Lastly, we keep you informed of upcoming Mushroom Events. To read the entire issue – Click Here.

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