CMS Meeting – Nov 16, 2022

  • When: Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, at 7:00 pm
  • In Person: Amazon Community Center, 2700 Hilyard St, Eugene, Oregon 97405
  • Location of Speaker: In person at Amazon
  • Live Stream: CMS YouTube Channel (open and click to set a reminder)

This event is free and open to the public. There will be a mushroom identification session. Bring what’s in your basket, edible or not, and learn from the experienced members of our community.

Mucoromycota fungi, including both human fungal pathogens and environmental isolates, have ancient and intimate associations with bacterial endosymbionts. In particular, Burkholderia related bacteria have been studied in plant associated Mucoromycota fungi including Mortierella, Rhizopus and relatives. Comparative and evolutionary genomics show that these symbioses impact genome evolution, physiology and functioning of both partners and rely on trade of primary and secondary metabolites and use of secretion systems. Endosymbiont presence in Mucoromycota fungi strongly impacts fungal transcriptional regulation, metabolism, cell wall composition, and the expression of transmembrane sensors. In this presentation, I will discuss ubiquity, diversity, and functioning of fungal endosymbionts and recent key findings from our lab.

About the Speaker

Dr Jessie Uehling is an assistant professor of fungal biology in the department of botany and plant pathology at Oregon state university. In addition to overseeing the research laboratory at OSU, she teaches mycology and population genomics, curates the OSU fungal herbarium collection, and helps to develop public health policy around fungal technologies. Jessie is looking forward to connecting with CMS members and discussing our overlapping interests. For more information about Jessie check out the Uehling Lab, or follow us on Twitter @uehlingLab.

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