CMS Goes Virtual!

Because we are not able to hold in person CMS meetings at this time, we will be offering virtual meetings. Hopefully, virtual meetings will allow us to reach out to more people, both now, and in the future … a silver lining to our current COVID-19 quarantine. Perhaps, we can also invite a mycologists from anywhere in the world to present at a CMS virtual or in person meeting without having to travel. Another benefit is “using our brains” to figure all of this out. So, please be patient through our learning curve.

CMS meetings are always free and open to the public. We will schedule our virtual CMS meetings in advance and publish notices via the CMS Website, CMS Enews, our Facebook page, and Twitter feed. We will also place notices in the Eugene Weekly Calendar.

By now, many of you have either heard about, seen on TV, or participated in a Zoom meeting session or virtual social gathering. CMS will be utilizing Zoom to allow our speakers to display their presentation and to live stream the event to our new CMS Youtube channel. Occasionally, we may invite members to participate in the Zoom meeting. Below, is a little more information on each.

For a better viewing experience, we recommend using a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, rather than a phone.


To view a CMS meeting on Youtube, all you need to do is go to the Youtube channel link on the designated date and time, find the meeting, and click play. However, it is best to prepare in advance. Once you receive a notice of an upcoming event, go to the CMS Youtube Channel, click on the upcoming scheduled livestream and click on “Set a Reminder”. If you would like to be able to participate by asking questions via chat, and do not already have a Google account, you can create a Google Account from Youtube. If you want to create a Google account without creating a Gmail email account, follow these instructions.

Depending on our speakers preferences regarding their presentation. The recording of the live stream may or may not be retained on YouTube for viewing after a scheduled live stream meeting.

Let’s Zoom

How to Zoom – You will not need a  Zoom account. But, you will need the Zoom app installed on your desktop or mobile device. You can either download the Zoom app in advance here. Or, you will be automatically prompted to download and install the Zoom app when you click on the link you will be emailed after registration. Watch this short video to learn how.

If you want to learn more about Zoom – here are some helpful training videos