Inaugural MLCO Collection Foray Report

Foray Report by Dr. Bitty Roy (MLCO Steering Committee)

Photos courtesy of Matthew Johnson and Roo Vandegrift

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, about 30 CMS members and LCC students set off to Salt Creek Falls for the first foray to collect for the Macrofungi of Lane County Oregon (MLCO) project.  Our goal is to definitively determine which fungi are present in Lane County. 

We wanted our first foray to be to the high Cascades because the season there is short and there are fungi that are particularly interesting and not common, such as Polyozellus.  We also figured that since it has been so dry, that high and near a stream would yield something.  Sure enough, we found 32 species, including this pretty one, Hypsizygus tessulatus, on wood.  In the table below is a list of what we found, organized by site and then alphabetically by species.

Not surprisingly, it rained, which led us to our first two problems.  The labels supplied by the North America Mycoflora Project are not on write-in-the rain paper, and it is difficult to photograph fungi in place when it is raining. Solution: carry a small umbrella you can tuck into your shirt, leaving your hands free to work.

CMS is a huge part of the MLCO project.  We need help photo documenting the fungi so we know where they occur and when they fruit, and we will be organizing more collecting forays specifically for gathering vouchered specimens for sequencing.  We will also shortly need money for sequencing; each specimen costs $10 to sequence.  A grant from the North American Mycoflora project is getting us started.

Helpful websites:

  1. Learn more about the MLCO Project: Read more here
  2. Christian Schwarz (one of the authors of Mushrooms of the Red Wood Coast) has a short video on documenting fungi and using Inaturalist: Watch here
  3. Some notes from iNaturalist on getting started: Read more here

Fungi found on the 6th of October on the first foray of the fall. Alphabetical by location.

Nr Family Species synonym substrate voucher
  Black Canyon CG        
1 Ganodermataceae Ganoderma applanatum   wood  
2 Ganodermataceae Ganoderma oregonense   wood  
3 Fomitopsidaceae Phaeolus schweinitzii   wood/roots  
4 currently uncertain Pholiota populnea Pholiota destruens, Hemipholiota populnea wood yes
5 Physalacriaceae Strobilurus trullisatus   Douglas fir cones  
6 Boletaceae Xerocomellus “diffractus”   soil yes
  Salt Creek Falls        
7 Amanitaceae Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata   soil  
8 Amanitaceae Amanita silvicola   soil  
9 Physalacriaceae Armillaria sp.

(in mellea group)

10 Boletaceae Boletus mirabilis   wood yes
11 Gomphidiaceae Chroogomphus tomentosus   soil  
12 Gomphidiaceae Chroogomphus vinicolor   soil  
13 Cortinariaceae Cortinarius sp.   soil yes
14 Fomitopsidaceae Fomitopsis pinicola   wood yes
15 Bondarzewiaceae Heterobasidion annosum   wood  
16 Strophariaceae Hypholoma fasciculare   wood yes
17 Hypocreaceae Hypocrea cf. americana Hypocrea citrina Fomitopsis  
18 Tricholomataceae Hypsizygus tessulatus   wood yes
19 Inocybaceae Inocybe sp.   soil yes
20 Russulaceae Lactarius “deliciosus”   soil  
21 Russulaceae Lactarius sp.   soil  
22 Boletaceae Leccinum aurantiacum   soil yes
23 Hymenochaetaceae  Porodaedalea pini Inonotus, Fomes, Daedalea wood yes
24 currently uncertain Pseudohydnum gelatinosum   wood  
25 Gomphaceae Ramaria sp.   soil yes
26 Russulaceae Russula brevipes var. acior   soil yes
27 Physalacriaceae Strobilurus trullisatus   Douglas fir cones  
28 Tricholomataceae Tricholoma murrillianum   soil  
29 Gomphaceae Turbinellus floccosus Gomphus floccosus soil  
30 ? unidentified black ??Stereum??   wood yes
31 Ophiostomataceae unidentified asco   Fomitopsis  

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