CMS Membership


  • Learn to safely identify choice edible wild mushrooms.
  • Ability to participate in all CMS Members Only Mushroom Forays  (8-10 per year).
  • CMS Members Only weekend-long outing for Morels in the spring, and another for Spring Boletes
  • Monthly meetings (September-June) with informative speakers.
  • Every meeting begins with a mushroom identification session.
  • Opportunity to attend the very popular CMS Members Only Annual Fungal Feast.
  • Help collect and set up for the annual Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival.
  • Informal CMS Members only gatherings and outings to enjoy Mushroom cuisine.
  • An opportunity to interact with experienced Mushroomers who will tell you more than “I found it in the North West”.

Membership fees pay for meeting space, guest speakers, special events, postage, insurance, Mushroom Festival participation, community education, research projects and more. Members also receive discounts on CMS t-shirts and are kept updated on CMS events through email and through our newsletter. Payments are good for one year membership, with the exception of Life membership payments.

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Single Membership: Single standard membership – $20.00/per year

Discount Membership: Single membership for a  Senior, Student,  or Low income – $15.00/per year

Family Membership: A Family membership of adults and children living in a single household – $35.00/per year

Sustaining Membership: A sustaining membership for a Single person or Family – $50.00/per year

Lifetime Membership: A Lifetime membership for a Single person – $300.00/One time payment

Please complete the application form below. After submission of the form, proceed to the selection of a payment option.

CMS Membership Application - 2017

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One name per application, please. For Family Memberships provide additional names below.

Please provide the first and last names of each person in your household that is 16 years of age and older. We use this information when verifying memberships for Member Only events. Children are also welcome but do not require registration by name.

CMS Liability Waiver

Due to the inherent risks associated with foraging for and consuming wild mushrooms each applicant who requests consideration for CMS membership must read and acknowledge the following Liability Waiver.

Thank you!

I understand there are risks associated with participating in a mushroom foray, field trips, or other related CMS activities. These are the risks one assumes by being away from home and driving or riding in a car or other conveyance; risks associated with being in or moving about in fields and woods; risks of tripping, falling or injuring oneself; risks of wild animals and insects; risks of falling trees and other hazards known and unknown; risks in getting lost; risks that involve handling, identifying, picking, or eating mushrooms; risks of losing personal property by theft or misplacement; and all other risks expected and unexpected. In joining Cascade Mycological Society (CMS), signing up for or attending forays and other CMS events, I agree to assume total responsibility for my own safety and well-being and that of any minor children or other dependents under my care, and for the protection of my and their personal property.

I release the Cascade Mycological Society (CMS), its directors, officers, volunteers, contractors and all other persons assisting in the planning and presentation of, or participating in any CMS foray, field trip, event, or any related activities, from liability for any sickness, injury or loss, that I, or any minor child or dependent under my care may receive or suffer during any activity related to CMS or as a result of attending or participating. I further promise not to file a lawsuit or make a claim against any of the persons listed above, even if they negligently cause me or anyone under my care injury or loss.

I agree to hold Cascade Mycological Society (CMS), and those mentioned above, harmless from any liability it may cause as a result of any damage to any property or injury to any person I may cause. This release and promise is part of the consideration I give in order to participate in CMS activities. I understand it affects my legal rights. I intend this to apply to myself, my heirs, agents, assigns, representatives, and anyone else with a right to bring a claim on my behalf.

This liability release and promise not to sue remains in effect until revoked in writing.

Help Text

IMPORTANT: If this is a Gift Membership or if you want your membership name, address or email to be different from the billing information, please uncheck the “Ship to my Billing Address” and provide alternate information in the Shipping Address fields. You can also email the information to

Pay for a Single Year of Membership

New to Mushrooming? Join CMS and try us out for a year.  You may pay with your credit card without having to have a Paypal account. You will have to remember to renew next year to continue having access to all of the benefits CMS has to offer.

Click in the box below to select Membership Type

If you prefer to pay by check, send an email to Angela at and she will provide instructions. Please keep in mind it may take 10-14 days to have your membership in place via this method.

Subscribe your Membership to be paid annually

You know you love being a part of all the CMS activities and don’t want to miss out on anything.  Subscribe and your membership will automatically be renewed (paid annually) through your Paypal account.  This option requires you to have a Paypal account and make sure your method of payment through Paypal stays current (i.e. update your credit card information when it expires).

Annual Membership Options

Lifetime Membership (Pay once)

If you really enjoy being a part of CMS and attending CMS events and you do not plan on leaving Eugene, why not join for Life! Pay once and you never have to give it a thought again.

  • Cascade Mycological Society is a non-profit under 501(c)(3). (Tax ID 931274419) Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed under the law.
  • To maintain active membership status, membership dues must be paid annually, with the exception of a CMS Lifetime membership.
  • CMS does not share membership information with any other groups or organizations.


We welcome donations in any amount.

Other Ways to Support CMS

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