• Learn to safely identify choice edible wild mushrooms.
  • Ability to participate in all CMS Mushroom Forays  (8-10 per year).
  • Monthly meetings (September-June) with informative speakers.
  • Every meeting begins with a mushroom identification session.
  • Opportunity to attend the very popular Annual Fungal Feast.
  • Help collect and set up for the annual Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival.
  • Informal gatherings and outings to enjoy Mushroom cuisine.
  • An opportunity to interact with experienced Mushroomers who will tell you more than “I found it in the North West”.

Membership fees pay for meeting space, guest speakers, special events, postage, insurance, Mushroom Festival participation, community education, research projects and more. Members also receive discounts on CMS t-shirts and are kept updated on CMS events through email and through our newsletter. Payments are good for one year membership, with the exception of Horn of Plenty (Life) membership payments.

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Do you believe in the mission and work of CMS? Add your commitment to the ranks of those who have become a Lifetime Member. Horn of Plenty Lifetime members are an esteemed part of our CMS community, and we look forward to welcoming you into this special group. Lifetime memberships do not expire. Once your lifetime membership is paid in full, you are forever considered an active CMS member.Horn of Plenty Lifetime Membership…………………………………..$300.00

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  • Cascade Mycological Society is a non-profit under 501(c)(3). (Tax ID 931274419) Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed under the law.
  • To maintain active membership status, membership dues must be paid annually, with the exception of Horn of Plenty (Life) membership.
  • CMS does not share membership information with any other groups or organizations.
  • Newsletters are published four or five times a year, on a mycologically oriented schedule. Expect them in late summer, fall, winter and spring.


We welcome donations in any amount.

Other Ways to Support CMS

We sell handmade mushroom earrings and a seasonal mushroom cookbook to support our mycology scholarship programs. Visit our store at