Know Your Poisonous Mushrooms!

The 2016 mushroom foraging season has unfortunately been accompanied with numerous mushroom poisonings in the Pacific Northwest.  Fortunately, because of medical treatments originating in Europe, there have been no reported deaths even though some have ingested what are considered to be deadly poisonous mushrooms.

Dr. Todd Mitchel of the Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz California  has been the primary investigator for a U.S. Food and Drug Administration clinical trial on Amatoxin poisoning treatments for the past 6 years. The treatment protocol t utilizes Legalon, an intravenous preparation of silibinin from the common milk thistle. The Dominican Hospital stocks and distributes the drug which is made by the Swedish pharmaceutical firm Meda. For more information … clinical trial.

Even though these life-saving protocols are now available, no one wants to experience the pain and physical damage a mushroom poisoning can cause.  Even though we all tend to concentrate on learning to identify those delicious edible mushrooms, the best way to avoid a mushroom poisoning is to be very familiar with mushrooms that can cause poisonings.

You will find numerous Mushroom poisoning Resources here …

Mushroom Poisonings

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