Mushroom Activity Sheets

The Cascade Mycological Society is pleased to make available Educational Mushroom Activity Sheets for Children, and Teens & Adults. These Activity Sheets were created for the Mushroom Art Exhibit at the Morning Glory Cafe and in celebration of the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival. Descriptions of each sheet are below.  Just click on the “Open” link below each description and a PDF file will automatically open in a new tab where you can view, print, or download the activity sheet.

Fun with Mushrooms (for children)The front side of this Activity Sheet is a Connect the Dots Amanita and a Find your Way through the Mycelium Maze. The backside or second page is a Coloring Page of 7 mushrooms: Chanterelle, Amanita, Bolete, Hedgehog, Earth Star, Morel, and Polypore.

Open Fun with Mushrooms

All about Mushrooms (Teens & Adults) The front side of this Activity Sheet is a graphic of the Parts and Features of a Mushroom with the challenge to match the provided words (parts and features) to the picture.  The backside or second sheet is a Word Search of 16 Mushroom Types and a challenge to match the Mushroom Types to pictured shapes.  There is also a Bonus Question.

Open All About Mushrooms