Mushroom Wine Charms

Hand Crafted Wild Mushroom Wine Charms

For some reason, wild mushrooms and wine just go together. So why not decorate your wine glasses with Wild Mushroom Wine Charms.  These Wine Charms are hand sculpted and painted by Sandy Patton, an artisan member of the Cascade Mycological Society. They look very much like the actual wild mushrooms they depict.

  • Product materials: Non-toxic natural clay, non-toxic water-based acrylic paint, non-toxic varnish sealer.
  • Not dishwasher safe. Clean with a damp cloth.

All proceeds from Mushroom Wine Charms go towards supporting the Macrofungi of Lane County Oregon project.

Classic Wine Charm Set

Includes: Violet Cortinarius, Golden Chanterelle, Fly Amanita, Black Morel, Lobster, King Bolete

$28.00 ($25 plus $3 for shipping)

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Foragers Wine Charm Set

Includes: Shrimp Russula, Chicken of the Woods, Black Trumpet, Shaggy Parasol, Admirable Bolete, Pigs Ears

$28.00 ($25 plus $3 for shipping)

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