CMS Meeting – Sept 20, 2023

  • When: Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at 7:00 pm
  • Where: In person speaker at the Amazon Community Center.
  • Also live stream: CMS YouTube Channel (open and click to set a reminder)

This talk will cover the many benefits of cultivating fungi, from a home scale to a commercial agricultural scale. Listeners will go home with a practical understanding of how to grow edible fungi by themselves, and also how these fungi can be fit into a systems of regenerative communal design (permaculture). Listeners will also learn about how fungi are being incorporated into food systems and regenerative soil management practices.

About our Speaker

Charlie Bruder is currently pursuing an education in mycology and microbiology, and is committed to applying these sciences to advancing the methodology of regenerative agricultural systems. Taking special interest in soil microbiota, and deeply troubled by the state of modern agriculture, Charlie is interested in researching how fungal dominance in soil microbial communities may play a role in decreasing synthetic fertilizer application and increasing organic matter in commercial agricultural systems. Charlie is also passionate about permaculture design, and exploring the cultivation of native fungi.

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