Festival Foray – Cascades – October 20, 2019

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Join CMS for a foray to the Coast to collect for the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival. Festival Collection forays are all about collecting every different type of species we can find. You may have the opportunity to pick a few edibles along the way, but that is not the focus of the foray. Festival collecting forays are your opportunity to learn a lot more about the diversity of fungi we have here in Oregon. Dr. Roo Vandegrift will lead this foray to the Cascades.

  • Date: Sunday, October, 20, 2019
  • Location: Cascades
  • Mushroom permits: None required, 1 gallon is permitted for personal use with no permit.

# of participants is 20, children accompanied by an adult are welcome, no dogs/pets

Dr. Roo Vandegrift is a CMS member, mycologist by profession, an extremely talented artist and past recipient of a CMS granted Freeman Rowe Educational Scholarship.

Roo finished his PhD in 2016 in Dr. Bitty Roy’s lab at the University of Oregon, with a fair bit of shared advising by Dr. George Carroll. In 2013, he participated in NSF’s East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute (EAPSI) program in Taiwan, where he was able to work with the incomparable Xylariaceae taxonomist Dr. Yu-Ming Ju. Since receiving his doctorate, Roo has been working as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Oregon’s Biology and the Built Environment Center, studying the interface between fungal ecology and building science.

New Registration process β€“ Please register below. At the end of the Registration period, names will be selected from a series of random drawings using a random number generator from Random.org. The first names (up to 10) will be selected from new CMS members that have never attended a foray. Then, everyone else will be included in the drawing. We will attempt to ensure foray partners are selected together. No guests, Memberships will be verified.

Registration for the Cascades Foray is Closed.

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