MLCO Foray Report – Nov 10, 2018

Report and pictures by Dr. Bitty Roy (MLCO Steering Committee)

Most of the Foray members are gathered around a large specimen of Agaricus silvicolisimilis

On Saturday, November 10th the Macrofungi of Lane County Oregon (MLCO) group and CMS had a foray to the upper McKenzie River.  The forest was mixed bigleaf maple and cottonwood along the river, complimented by Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar in other places.  We had dry weather, continuing this scary dry fall, but making it very pleasant to be outdoors. Luckily for us, the shade of forest had kept the moisture in from the rains in October, so we had plenty of fungi to find (see Table below; photographs of everything we saw are in iNaturalist). 

Inocybe lilacina group.  There are likely several species lurking in our little purple Inocybes.  The DNA will help us to sort them out.  


Family Genus substrate
Agaricaceae Agaricus silvicolisimilis soil with leaf litter
Mycenaceae Atheniella adonis needle duff
Dacrymycetaceae Calocera cornea dead wood
Hypgrophorus? needle duff
Psathyrellaceae Coprinellus micaceus dead wood
Psathyrellaceae Coprinopsis lagopus soil in maple and cottonwood leaves
Cortinariaceae Cortinarius cf mutabilis
Crepidotaceae Crepidotus dead wood
Hymenogastraceae Galerina needle duff
Helotiaceae Hymenoscyphus sp. hardwood leaf petiole
Strophariaceae Hypholoma dispersum wood chips mixed in gravel (roadside)
Strophariaceae Hypholoma fasciculare dead wood
Inocybaceae Inocybe lilacina group soil in maple and cottonwood leaves
Inocybaceae Inocybe sp. (white)
Agaricaceae Lepiota rubrotinctoides soil with hardwood leaf litter
Agaricaceae Lycoperdon perlatum roadside in moss
Mycenaceae Mycena dead wood
Mycenaceae Mycena dead wood
Mycenaceae Mycena haematopus dead wood
Mycenaceae Mycena OR Hemimycena needle duff
Mycenaceae Mycena oregonensis needle duff
Tricholomataceae Omphalina
Psathyrellaceae Parasola plicatilis soil in grass and hardwood leaves
Meruliaceae Phlebia radiata wood (dead alder trunk)
Meruliaceae Phlebia tremellosa dead wood
Pleurotaceae Pleurotus populinus dead wood
Pleuteaceae Pleuteus litter of Big leaf maple
Polyporaceae Polyporus badius dead wood
Psathyrellaceae Psathyrella? litter of Big leaf maple and cottonwood
Rhytismataceae Rhytisma punctatum on Bigleaf Maple leaf
Russulaceae Russula sp. 1 needle duff
Russulaceae Russula sp. 2 needle duff
Russulaceae Russula sp. 3 needle duff
Steccherinaceae Steccherium ochraceum dead wood
Strophariaceae Stropharia ambigua litter of Big leaf maple
Strophariaceae Stropharia? sp. litter of Big leaf maple
Suillaceae Suillus caerulescens needle duff
Polyporaceae Trametes dead wood
Tricholomataceae Tricholoma
unknown lbm roadside gravel and moss