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Yachats Village Mushroom Fest

Janet and Griffin

Friday, October 17 – Sunday, October 19 The Yachats Village Mushroom Fest is one of the best weekend long festivals in all of Oregon. This tiny coastal village nestled between lush temperate rainforest and the wild Pacific surf provides ideal habitat for

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Mushroom Picking Permit Information

collecting mushrooms

You should always check with all the federal agencies on whose lands you may pick before the beginning of each mushroom season to find out what the latest regulations are. The intent of these regulations is to ensure continued availability

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The False “Beefsteak” Morel (Gyromitra esculenta)

Beefsteak Morel, or Gyromitra esculenta

Article by Bruce Pandoff Included here with permission by It is mushroom season in many parts of the US and morels are some of the most prized popping up at this time. They are considered easy to identify but there

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Common Mushroom Checklist

This file contains a Common Mushroom Checklist for the Pacific Northwest area, composed of species commonly found and displayed at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Annual Mushroom Show, during the 1983 – 2002 years.

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Important guidlines to follow when collecting and eating wild mushrooms…

There are many species of delicious wild mushrooms which grow in our area, and learning to find and enjoy these gifts is satisfying on many levels. Caution should be exercised as there are many species that are not considered edible

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Forays — General Information

Liability Waiver Participants on all trips will be asked to sign a standard waiver form. To save time, you can download the waiver now (click here), print, sign, and bring it on the foray. You can also download a PDF

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