December 2017 Enews

The December 2017 Enews starts off with the CMS December Holiday Meeting.  Prior to and after the meeting, we will be selling CMS T-shirts (short & long), Hoodies, Mushroom Earrings and Ornaments and the CMS Wild Mushroom Cookbook.  Everyone attending will receive the Member discount on all CMS items. We will accept cash, checks, and credit cards. In addition to CMS items, CMS President Cheshire Mayrsohn will be offering her mushroom dyed, hand knitted, mushroom hats. CMS Member Wayne Gammie will be offering members his hand card walking sticks, Conks, and any other item he has carved a mushroom into. The December Meeting speaker is Ja Schindler of Fungi for the People. Ja is an excellent speaker with a wealth of knowledge about mushroom cultivation. Next, we tell you about a great resource for those interested in hunting for Truffles, and about MYCOLOGOS, the first online Mycological school. The Mushroom forecast gives you some hints on what you might find out in the woods if you choose to venture out into the cold.  The Mushroom of the Month is the unusual but very popular Candy Cap mushroom. To read the entire issue – Click Here.

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