Annual Membership Meeting Sunday, May 3, 2015: Morel Stuffing Party & Grill Out

Save the Date

The Annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled this year in conjunction with the May Morel Stuffing Party & Grill Out on Sunday, May 3, 2015 beginning at 4:00 pm, at a member’s home. Bring a stuffing for the mushrooms or a dish featuring or complementing spring mushrooms. We will have piping bags and a table set up with fresh morels for grilling.

The purpose of the meeting is three-fold. First, we will elect a new Board. Second, we recruit members to help make the events we put on; forays, the mushroom display at the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival, educational programming, culinary events, and monthly public meetings. Last, the spring morel potluck is a great event you do not want to miss.

Invitations and a link to vote for the new board will be sent to members on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. 

Membership fees pay for communication, meeting space, guest speakers, special events, grants, research projects and more.

CMS Meeting Thursday, April 9, 2015: For the Love of Western Ascomycetes

Michael Beug“In this talk, I will illustrate the spectacular and diverse world of Ascomycete fungi in the west. You will learn about edibles from morels to truffles, fungal habitats and fungal lifestyles. I describe what Ascomycetes are. You will learn about unusual fungi, some with medicinal applications, some with industrial uses, some that cause plant diseases, some that cure plant diseases, and some that control insects.

I describe how I came to write the book Ascomycete Fungi of North America with coauthors Alan and Arleen Bessette, the first color –illustrated book to cover North American Ascomycetes. Ascomycete Fungi of North America has just been nominated for the PROSE award for the best 2014 book in the single volume reference/science category.” – Dr. M. Beug

Dr Michael Beug with Morels and Boletes

Dr Michael Beug with Morels and Boletes

Meet at 7:00 pm, room 115, Science Building (Building 16) at Lane Community College in Eugene. There will also be a mushroom show and tell identification session prior to the speaker. Bring what’s in your basket, edible or not, and learn from the experienced members of our community. The talk is free and open to the public.

CMS Weekend Foray in Bend: June 6-7

Morchella ElataJoin the Cascade Mycological Society for a weekend morel and spring bolete foray in Bend on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7. You will need a current mushroom picking permit for personal use. They are free from the forest service.

We’ve reserved a block of rooms at Cultus Lake Resort which features 23 rustic cabins, on or near the lake. For reservations, call the lodge at 541-408-1560 or email them at They are closed for the season so please allow a week or so for your confirmation. Another recommended overnight location is nearby Cultus Lake Campground. 55 non-reservable tent camping sites are available.

Cultus Lake

We will be departing for the foray from  Cultus Lake Resort. You will receive detailed meetup information from the Foray Host after completing your registration.

The maximum number of spaces available for this foray is 20.

CMS Weekend Morel Foray Registration Form

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Forays are open to Cascade Mycological Society members only. Please become a member or renew your membership if it has lapsed before completing this form. Your support helps CMS continue to provide high-quality, guided forays into Oregon's spectacular forests.

Please bring

  • your mushroom permit,
  • food and water for the day,
  • raingear,
  • warm clothing,
  • a basket or bag,
  • a whistle,
  • a 2 way radio and/or other safety products,
  • a knife, and
  • a mushroom brush or old toothbrush.
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By checking this form, I acknowledge that I understand the risks associated with participating in a mushroom foray, field trips, or other related CMS activities. These are the risks one assumes by being away from home and driving or riding in a car or other conveyance; risks associated with being in or moving about in fields and woods; risks of tripping, falling or injuring oneself; risks of wild animals and insects; risks of falling trees and other hazards known and unknown; risks in getting lost; risks that involve handling, identifying, picking, or eating mushrooms; risks of losing personal property by theft or misplacement; and all other risks expected and unexpected.

In joining Cascade Mycological Society (CMS), signing up for or attending forays and other CMS events, I agree to assume total responsibility for my own safety and well-being and that of any minor children or other dependents under my care, and for the protection of my and their personal property. I release the Cascade Mycological Society (CMS), its directors, officers, volunteers, contractors and all other persons assisting in the planning and presentation of, or participating in any CMS foray, field trip, event, or any related activities, from liability for any sickness, injury or loss, that I, or any minor child or dependent under my care may receive or suffer during any activity related to CMS or as a result of attending or participating.

I further promise not to file a lawsuit or make a claim against any of the persons listed above, even if they negligently cause me or anyone under my care injury or loss. I agree to hold Cascade Mycological Society (CMS), and those mentioned above, harmless from any liability it may cause as a result of any damage to any property or injury to any person I may cause. This release and promise is part of the consideration I give in order to participate in CMS activities. I understand it affects my legal rights. I intend this to apply to myself, my heirs, agents, assigns, representatives, and anyone else with a right to bring a claim on my behalf. This liability release and promise not to sue remains in effect until revoked in writing.