CMS Meetings 2021-2022

May 2022 – Medicinal Mushrooms – Dr Christopher Hobbs

Christopher Hobbs, a mycologist and herbalist at the forefront of contemporary research will be joining us to talk us about his latest book titled “Medicinal Mushrooms: The Essential Guide”. DR. CHRISTOPHER HOBBS is a fourth-generation, internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, author, clinician, botanist, mycologist, and research scientist with over 35 years of experience with herbal medicine. He is the author of over 20 books on herbal health.

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This was an in person meeting. The video below has been edited to improve audio quality of questions asked.

April 2022 – Mycelium as a Building Material – Joshua English

Join CMS and our very special guest speaker Joshua English of Okom wrks labs as we explore the world of mycelium as a building material. Okomwrks envisions a future where regenerative design is standard practice. Building partnerships with our living planet in order to discover new ways to build and live symbiotically. He will discuss the history and possibilities of using mycelium as a medium for structural based material. Learn more about  Okom Wrks

Here is a link to the regenerative design bibliography that I mentioned during my presentation –

Also, a link to a very interesting article about the myths associated with wildfires – A new ecological paradigm for forest health –

March 2022 – Should I have eaten that mushroom? – Dr Michael Beug

Drawing on over 50 years in the woods hunting mushrooms and over 40 years on the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) Toxicology committee, Dr. Beug will describe the common identification mistakes that people have made when out mushrooming. This talk features the most dangerous mushrooms and what happens when you eat a poisonous species. You will also learn what features Michael looks for when seeking his favorite edible mushrooms. He describes how to tell the good ones from the bad ones. His stories are both of the mistakes that people have made leading to poisoning and of the disappointment felt by people when they realize that they have left choice edibles behind.

Link to Michael’s latest Mushroom ID Book – Mushrooms of Cascadia

February 2022 – From Saucepan to Science – Shannon Adams

Take the next step on your fungal adventure. New developments in citizen science make it easier than ever to make a lasting contribution to knowledge of our fungi. Shannon will share her journey from learning to forage to an interest in taxonomy, steps which led her to describe a new mushroom species. Join her to find new ways to enjoy your mushroom hobby whether it is taking a few photographs to becoming the world expert in the mushrooms in your own backyard.

January 2022 – Erecting a Third Culinary Kingdom – Chef Zachary Mazi

In this colorful presentation, Chef Zachary Mazi takes the bold stance that we must change the entirety of cooking literature, expanding and rearranging our cookbooks to include not just the kingdoms of Plantae and Animalia, but to include Kingdom Fungi in every cooking publication from this time forward. Examining how we have consistently and continuously left out some of the most important players (Fungi) in the culinary world–not from use, but from publication and mention–he argues that changing our presentation can change our minds and open our eyes to the importance of ecological sensitivities somehow resting just out of our view.

November 2021 – Fire Following Fungi – Thea Chesney

After a forest fire comes through, often the first organism to reemerge are the fire following fungi. That they never appear before fires begs a host of questions. What purpose does this serve to the larger ecosystem? How do these fungi survive between fires? How does fire impact mycorrhizal fungi living in the soil? We are pleased to welcome US Forest Service botanist and mycologist Thea Chesney to speak to the issue and illuminate where we are in our understanding of this ecological niche and what still remains to be uncovered.

October 2021 – Ben Woo’s Russula Herbarium – Dr Anna Bazzicalupo

Dr Anna Bazzicalupo speaks about her analysis of the Benjamin Woo collection of Russulas. For 30 years, Ben Woo, an expert amateur mycologist and founder of the Puget Sound Mycological Society and Pacific Northwest Key Council; carefully sampled and documented Washington and Oregon specimens. Anna and her team have sequenced, databased, and analyzed the collection of over 1000 Russula specimens. Russulas are a very complex genus that is difficult to identify to species. We welcome you to listen to Anna reveal what the team discovered.