CMS Meeting – April 19, 2023

  • When: Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 7:00 pm
  • Live Stream Only: CMS YouTube Channel (open and click to set a reminder)

Pam Janszen will be joining us virtually from British Columbia to talk about “Slime moulds I have known”. As a self-taught mycologist, Slime Moulds have been on Pam’s radar for over 25 years. She collected her first one on August 4th, 1996, as part of the fungal inventories she was doing. Somewhere after 500+ fungal species, she found herself getting really interested in Myxomycetes. “They are just the most unusual little critters!” She wanted to document them at all their life stages. More often than not, they are super beautiful.

Pam will share pictures of her favorite myxos, highlighting their features. This will not be a lecture about Slime Moulds. It’s more like a Home Movie Night, except these kids are unicellular and often only a millimeter or so tall. And totally AWESOME!!! So come and meet Pam’s Slime Moulds.

About our Speaker

Pam is the Treasurer/Director for the Institute for Multidisciplinary Ecological Research in the Salish Sea (IMERSS). Below is her IMERSS biography

Raised in the Mt Baker foothills, and a full-time Saturna Island BC resident since 1988, nature has always been Pam’s home—and in particular, the Salish Sea Basin.

A recent widow, Pam shares her home with her cats Milo and Maggie, and Ruffy her Cardigan Corgis. If not in the woods or in her lab, you’ll find her out in her flower beds. Her motto is, “why grow vegetables when you can surround yourself with flowers instead?”

Initially specializing in fungal inventories of Saturna’s Winter Cover Provincial Park & Ecological Reserve #15, Pam was generously supported with grants from The Friends of Ecological Reserves. These projects ended when the land became part of Gulf Islands National Park. She also kept a loose running fungal inventory of the rest of Saturna, which became more important when her BC Parks work ended.

Pam’s latest big adventure is a contract to produce a BC Slime Mould Field Guide for the Royal British Columbia Museum—which she finds very exciting and kind of scary too!

To connect with Pam and view photos of her specimens, find her on the iNaturalist app.

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