Fascinating World of Fungi Exhibit

Location – Eugene Downtown Public Library, 2nd Floor Display Cases, Periodicals When – January and February

The “Fascinating World of Fungi” exhibit celebrates 20 years for CMS as an organization and seeks to enlighten Eugene Public Library visitors on a few of the many fascinating aspects of fungi through educational exhibits, examples of their uses, and realistic models of mushrooms in our area. 

Neither plant nor animal, fungi play an important role in the earth’s ecosystems and in many aspects of our everyday lives. They are essential to the recycling of nutrients in all terrestrial habitats. Ninety to ninety five percent of all plants on earth have a beneficial relationship with fungi. From farming to food and medicines fungi contribute to our health and well-being. Despite being ubiquitous in nature and having such a prominent impact on the earth and our lives, fungi are the least understood of all multicellular organisms.

The Exhibit includes 2 display cases:

Case 1 – Edible Mushrooms of Oregon (models), Fungi Biology and Ecology, Medicinal Mushrooms, and Just for Kids

Case 2 – Edible Mushrooms of Oregon (models), Fungi for a Sustainable Future, Mushroom Cultivation / Our Favorite Mushroom Books, Dyeing with Mushrooms

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