CMS Special Event – Taylor Lockwood Final Tour

CMS Special Event – Taylor Lockwood Final Tour

October 29, 2018, Hillyard Community Center, 7 pm to 9 pm

The talk is free and open to the public

Taylor comes to Eugene on his final tour with a show covering highlights of his 34-year mushroom and adventure career. Since his 2014 tour, Taylor has been on mushroom photography adventures to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, and Malaysia (Borneo). His presentation includes many new photos and videos, as well as new animations of bioluminescent and other beautiful mushrooms.  Whether you are a photography buff wanting to learn tips and tricks or an admirer of the humble fungi, don’t miss this presentation.


Like many other amateur and professional mycologists, Taylor is a pioneer in the discovery and appreciation of mushrooms and other fungi. Praise for his work and vision to promote the beauty of mushrooms has gained him acclaim with mycologists, mushroom enthusiasts, photography experts, and nature lovers around the world.

About the Speaker: Taylor grew up appreciating art, architecture, carpentry, and music. In December 1984, in the middle of the rainy season, he moved to Mendocino, California. In his first week there, he “discovered” mushrooms, bought a camera and started taking photos. Since that time he has perfected the skill of merging these two into the artful displays he’s known for. Since that time, he’s spread the word about the beauty of this facet of nature and presented at hundreds of shows in the U.S. and around the world.

Taylor’s work has appeared in over 35 publications including the National Geographic Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fungi MagazineMother Earth News, National Wildlife Federation Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Adventure Magazine, Scholastic, Scientific American and many other publications. His photo of a bioluminescent mushroom was the first mushroom photo ever on a US postage stamp.



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