CMS Meeting – February 5, 2018


  • When: Monday, February 5, 2018, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Where: Amazon Community Center, 2700 Hilyard St, Eugene, Oregon 97405 *** Alternate Meeting Room, See Below**

The talk is free and open to the public. There will be a mushroom identification session prior to the speaker. Bring what’s in your basket, edible or not, and learn from the experienced members of our community.

Brooke Fochuk and Kelly Slocum will be talking to us about Truffle Hunting with Dogs.  Brooke will be bringing her dog Dexter who has been hunting truffles with her since 2006. Kelly Slocum, the owner of Truffle Dogs Northwest who trained Dexter will also be along. Brooke is from Vancouver, Canada, while Kelly is from Vancouver, Washington. Brooke and Kelly will talk to us about the history of the expanding Truffle industry in British Columbia; their Truffle hunting experiences; the use of dogs versus other harvesting methods; and how to effectively work with a Truffle dog.


Kelly Slocum

Brooke Fochuck

About the Speakers: Brooke joined the Vancouver Mycological Society in 2005, and was soon searching for truffles by digging into squirrel holes on long hikes. Then, on a whim, she planned a road trip to Oregon, hoping to teach her little puggle, Dexter, to hunt for truffles with her. Puggles are unlikely truffle dogs which made Kelly Slocum, founder, and co-owner of NW Truffle Dogs, skeptical about training Dexter. She had never heard of a truffle-hunting puggle, but Brooke was determined. Once his initial training period was over, Dexter went for his first big test and passed with flying colors!

Alternate Meeting Room

We will be meeting in the Mark Lewis Imaginarium (MLI) room in Building C.  Walk past the Main building we normally meet in, to the end of the covered walkway. Enter Building C, and the meeting room is straight ahead. 



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