The 2016 Fall Mushroom Season!


The 2016 Oregon Fall Mushroom Season is upon us. Below are some upcoming CMS events and reminders on Mushroom Permit Regulations and how to stay safe when you are picking and consuming wild edible mushrooms.

CMS Forays – CMS Members are eligible to register for CMS sponsored forays.  When Forays are announced and open for registration you will find them  on the CMS Foray Page.  Currently, there are several Community Classes and Forays open to the public that are available through Amazon Parks and Recreation.  Details and registration for the first CMS sponsored Foray on Saturday, October 8th will be posted soon.  There will be several Foray opportunities to collect mushrooms for the Mushroom Festival in late October.

Mushroom Permits – The most current Mushroom permit regulations for this season can be found on the CMS Mushroom Permit Page.

Safety in the Woods – When you head out to the woods always let someone know your plans and the general area you will be collecting. It is always best to go with a friend or a group. Also, be aware that prime Mushroom Hunting Season is also prime Game Hunting season in Oregon. CMS recommends you are prepared with the following gear:

  • Safety Vest or brightly colored clothing.
  • Whistle – In case you get separated or need help, you can signal your fellow mushroom hunters.
  • Rain gear, waterproof boots/shoes and a change of clothes and socks. Even if it is not raining, the forest will be wet.
  • Mushroom Basket, Pocket Knife, and/or soft brush for wiping mushrooms clean.
  • Identification Books (optional, there will be identification on site).
  • Lunch and some sweets or snacks that will give you energy to last through the day.
  • Recommended: Signal Mirror, Map & Compass or handheld GPS, Walkie-Talkies.

How to Safely Consume Wild Mushrooms – If you are new to eating wild mushrooms you are in for a treat.  But, not everyone can eat every edible wild mushroom. Just like allergies to peanuts, some mushrooms may not agree with you.  But, do not fear, you will find some great information on our Edibility Guidelines page.   This is also where you will find information on how to deal with a potential mushroom poisoning.

2015-mushroom-festival-skye-picMount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival – Save the Date! The Mushroom Festival is always the last Sunday in October.  This year, the date is Sunday, October 30th.  The Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival is the largest Educational event of the year for CMS.  We have been involved since its inception and are integral to its success. CMS sponsors:

  • Mushroom Display – Definitely the “Star of the Show”.  Thanks to our abundant forests, dedicated CMS volunteers, LCC and UofO Biology students & faculty, and CMS sponsored Expert Mycologists the Mushroom Display is known for being the largest on the West Coast.   We typically have between 300 and 350 identified species on display.
  • Edible and Poisonous Mushroom Tent – This display allows you to see and touch many of the local edible mushrooms you will find in our local forest.  More importantly, you can see common poisonous mushrooms to avoid.  Plus,  we display edible mushrooms side-by-side with any of their look-alike mushrooms that you will want to avoid.
  • Expert Identification Table – CMS Members and Expert Mycologists sponsored by CMS will be on hand to identify mushrooms you would like to have identified.
  • Culinary Demos – Once again Jennifer Burns Bright will emcee Culinary Demonstrations featuring delicious mushroom recipes by 6 local chefs.
  • Fun Fungal Facts – Learn everything you wanted to know about Mushrooms, plus more that you never thought about!
  • Medicinal Mushroom Display – Learn all about the nutrition, health benefits, and disease-fighting properties of mushrooms.
  • Dying with Mushrooms –  Learn about the process of how to use mushrooms to dye wool and silk, what mushrooms to use, and what colors can be created.



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