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2012 Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival

Mushroom-Festival-2012-Poster-Small-242x300Don’t miss the 31st annual mushroom show at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum! This is the largest event of the year for CMS, and is always a special treat for everyone either seriously or casually interested in regional fungi. It is also an important fundraising event for the Mount Pisgah Arboretum.

Sunday Oct. 28th, 2012, 10 AM-5 PM.

Mushroom Exhibit, Live Music, Kid’s Activities, Great Food & Wine, Arts, Crafts, Books.

Please see mountpisgaharboretum.com for more information.

Photos: Eugene’s 31st annual Mushroom Festival

Foray with Steve Trudell

Coast Mushroom Foray with Steve Trudell
October 25-26th, Jessie M. Honeyman State Park
Join fellow mushroom enthusiasts for a mushroom hunt on Thursday; ID what was found; join in a pot-luck dinner; and stay over in one of Honeyman’s yurts on Thursday night; or arrive to join Steve just for the guided mushroom hunt on Friday. Steve Trudell, co-author of Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, is an affiliate professor in the College of Forest Resources and lecturer in the Biology Department at the University of Washington. He has been identifying and photographing mushrooms and studying their ecology for over 30 years. He writes for several mycological publications and frequently serves as foray mycologist or invited lecturer for mushroom and other nature groups.

Last year you may have attended Steve’s presentation at LCC. He also stayed for the entire weekend and helped to identify mushrooms for the mushroom festival. Because of him we were able to have several Cortinarius mushrooms photographed and identified that otherwise would have been left on the “what is this” table.

October is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit the coast. Honeyman State Park is a great place to forage for mushrooms and many unusual and rare mushrooms have been found there. Last year someone found Hydnellum geogenium and brought it to the MPA mushroom festival. Steve was instrumental in getting this very rare find identified. We will try to locate it again this year; major points for this. Since the foray is only days before the mushroom festival at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum we will bring back as many specimens as possible to display there.

Yurts: Each yurt has a twin/full bunk bed and a futon couch/double bed. Three people will be assigned to one yurt. Unless you register 3 people that are staying together in one yurt, you will have to share a yurt with others. For more information about Jessie M. Honeyman State Part visit their website at www.oregonstateparks.org.

Mushroom Foray Registration

Important! Space is limited and available to CMS members only. There are only 15 spaces available for the yurts and 15 spaces available for those arriving only on Friday. Registration will close as soon as the Foray has reached maximum capacity. You must be registered to attend this event. There are no “drop ins” allowed since this is a fundraiser for CMS.

Cost: $65 for overnight, Thursday, Oct. 25th, in a Yurt at Honeyman State Park; $45 for the Friday, Oct. 26th, foray only. No dogs allowed. Please pay via Paypal and see below for additional information to send by email to president@cascademyco.org .

Refunds: If you cancel your registration before October 1 your refund is 75%. No refunds are available if you cancel your registration after October 10.
This event is sponsored by Cascade Mycological Society (CMS). Details of the foray will be emailed to registrants.

Once you have registered, please send an email to president@cascademyco.org with the following information:

Phone Number:
How many in your party?__________ Male______ Female______


2nd Annual Photo Contest

This year, as part of the 31st Annual Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival, the Cascade Mycological Society will once again hold a mushroom photo contest. You are free to contribute photos related to mushrooms, mushroom culture and our fungal pals in general. The best three photographs will be displayed at the festival, and these three winners will receive a CMS T-shirt and framed picture of their entry.

To participate, send up to 3 digital photos to photocontest@cascademyco.org.

Include your full name and mailing address, and please include additional details about the photo such as the location, time of year taken, etc. Send digital files (in separate emails if necessary) at full resolution so that the winning prints may be enlarged and look their best. Email size should be less than 10 MB.

Submissions must be received by October 20, 2012. No restrictions are placed on location of photos or residence of contest participants. Submissions from outside of Oregon or the United States are welcome.

Disclaimer : By sending CMS your pictures, you grant CMS a license to use your photo(s) for contest purposes, display at the festival, and at later dates in CMS communications and/or publicity.

Last years winners were :

Joaquin Romero, who sent this picture of Mycena seinesii from Vizcaya, Spain

Stewart Meyers, who sent a picture of Amanita muscaria from Honeyman State Park, OR.

Kevin Hups, who sent a picture of oyster mushrooms fruiting from a plywood deck in a shipping container that had been sealed up for a decade, in Colorado.