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Siskiyou Field Institute Class 2008

Siskiyou Field Institute Class 2008

November 7-9, 2008: Learn about the biology, ecology and field identification of mushrooms.  Investigate edible as well as poisonous mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.  Prowl the Illinois Valley for mushrooms on Friday.  On Saturday, drive the scenic Smith River Gorge, scout for mushrooms ni teh redwoods...

The Northwest Environmental Education Council presents: Intro to Wild Mushroom Identification on the Olympic Peninsula

This course provides an introduction to wild mushroom identification. Emphasis is  on  basic  identification skills of wild mushrooms, including edible mushrooms and their poisonous  look-alikes.  Students  will  learn  what  to  look  for  and terminology used to distinguish  common  mushrooms  and  relatives.  Basic  fungal  biology  and ecology...

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