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Fall Foray Registration Opens Friday

foray schedule

Cascade Mycological Society (CMS) members can register for a Fall Foray beginning this Friday, September 26th.

mushroom collectionCoastal Foray: Saturday Oct 4 (limit 24)

Kids & Their Grown Ups Foray: Friday Oct 10 (4J No School Day). We will be collecting for fun and taking pictures of any mushrooms we find. (limit 10 families). Bring a snack.

Cascades Foray: Saturday Oct 18 to collect for the mushroom show (limit 24). MUSHROOM PERMIT NEEDED.

Coastal Foray: Sunday Oct 19 to collect for the mushroom show (limit 24). MUSHROOM PERMIT NEEDED.

Wherever The Mushrooms Are: Friday Oct 24 to collect for the mushroom show (limit 18). MUSHROOM PERMIT NEEDED.

HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Overnight Foray: November 7-9. Forays, cooking with wild mushrooms, mushroom dye session. (limit 30)

Links to registration forms for the fall season will be available on this web site to CMS members beginning this Friday, September 26th. 

Register Now

NAMA (North American Mycological Association) Annual Foray

In October, the North American Mycological Association annual foray will convene at Camp Arnold in Eatonville, Washington, which lies close to great mushrooming habitat in national forest lands of the Cascades Mountains and Mt. Rainier National Park.

Paul Stamets to be keynote speaker

Fungal visionary Paul Stamets will be the keynote speaker at the foray, and PSMS scientific advisor Steve Trudel will be the foray mycologist. For over 30 years, Paul Stamets has been a dedicated mycologist in the Pacific Northwest and is internationally recognized for his contributions in mycology and the environment. He has been called a visionary for his beliefs that a deeper knowledge of fungi can help solve many of the world’s pollution problems, which is the topic of his popular 2008 TED Talk that has been seen by millions. Paul coined the term Read more »

CMS Foray to collect for Fungal Feast – Feb 2

forayOn Saturday, Feb. 2 there will be a foray led by David Hammond and Cheshire Mayrsohn with the intention of collecting mushrooms for the Fungal Feast to be held Thursday Feb 7. This time of year we expect to find hedgehogs, winter chanterelles, and black trumpets if we are lucky. We will be going to the Read more »