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NAMA (North American Mycological Association) Annual Foray

In October, the North American Mycological Association annual foray will convene at Camp Arnold in Eatonville, Washington, which lies close to great mushrooming habitat in national forest lands of the Cascades Mountains and Mt. Rainier National Park.

Paul Stamets to be keynote speaker

Fungal visionary Paul Stamets will be the keynote speaker at the foray, and PSMS scientific advisor Steve Trudel will be the foray mycologist. For over 30 years, Paul Stamets has been a dedicated mycologist in the Pacific Northwest and is internationally recognized for his contributions in mycology and the environment. He has been called a visionary for his beliefs that a deeper knowledge of fungi can help solve many of the world’s pollution problems, which is the topic of his popular 2008 TED Talk that has been seen by millions. Paul coined the term Read more »

CMS Foray to collect for Fungal Feast – Feb 2

forayOn Saturday, Feb. 2 there will be a foray led by David Hammond and Cheshire Mayrsohn with the intention of collecting mushrooms for the Fungal Feast to be held Thursday Feb 7. This time of year we expect to find hedgehogs, winter chanterelles, and black trumpets if we are lucky. We will be going to the Read more »

CMS Prepare for Thanksgiving Foray – Saturday November 17

On Saturday November 17, Chris Melotti and Molly Widmer will be coleading a CMS foray. This foray will be heading to the Cascades, with the exact location to be determined. The emphasis of this trip will be on collecting edible species for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the holiday season, we will encourage sharing of what we find, so that everyone can go home with something edible. What better way to impress your family than showing up to the Thanksgiving table with a basket of Chanterelles?

Please remember to bring your mushroom picking permits and trail parking permit, if you have one. Expect to carpool, and please be prepared to split the cost of gasoline with whomever drives (bring cash).

Participation in this foray is limited to CMS members, and registration will be limited to 24 people. Registration is required. To register, send an email with your name, phone number, and the names of members coming with you to We will respond and let you know that you are on the list, unless space runs out.

We will be meeting at 9:30 am in Eugene, the precise location will be sent to those registered for the foray.

Note : Foray registration is now closed

Foray with Steve Trudell

Coast Mushroom Foray with Steve Trudell
October 25-26th, Jessie M. Honeyman State Park
Join fellow mushroom enthusiasts for a mushroom hunt on Thursday; ID what was found; join in a pot-luck dinner; and stay over in one of Honeyman’s yurts on Thursday night; or arrive to join Steve just for the guided mushroom hunt on Friday. Steve Trudell, co-author of Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, is an affiliate professor in the College of Forest Resources and lecturer in the Biology Department at the University of Washington. He has been identifying and photographing mushrooms and studying their ecology for over 30 years. He writes for several mycological publications and frequently serves as foray mycologist or invited lecturer for mushroom and other nature groups.

Last year you may have attended Steve’s presentation at LCC. He also stayed for the entire weekend and helped to identify mushrooms for the mushroom festival. Because of him we were able to have several Cortinarius mushrooms photographed and identified that otherwise would have been left on the “what is this” table.

October is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit the coast. Honeyman State Park is a great place to forage for mushrooms and many unusual and rare mushrooms have been found there. Last year someone found Hydnellum geogenium and brought it to the MPA mushroom festival. Steve was instrumental in getting this very rare find identified. We will try to locate it again this year; major points for this. Since the foray is only days before the mushroom festival at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum we will bring back as many specimens as possible to display there.

Yurts: Each yurt has a twin/full bunk bed and a futon couch/double bed. Three people will be assigned to one yurt. Unless you register 3 people that are staying together in one yurt, you will have to share a yurt with others. For more information about Jessie M. Honeyman State Part visit their website at

Mushroom Foray Registration

Important! Space is limited and available to CMS members only. There are only 15 spaces available for the yurts and 15 spaces available for those arriving only on Friday. Registration will close as soon as the Foray has reached maximum capacity. You must be registered to attend this event. There are no “drop ins” allowed since this is a fundraiser for CMS.

Cost: $65 for overnight, Thursday, Oct. 25th, in a Yurt at Honeyman State Park; $45 for the Friday, Oct. 26th, foray only. No dogs allowed. Please pay via Paypal and see below for additional information to send by email to .

Refunds: If you cancel your registration before October 1 your refund is 75%. No refunds are available if you cancel your registration after October 10.
This event is sponsored by Cascade Mycological Society (CMS). Details of the foray will be emailed to registrants.

Once you have registered, please send an email to with the following information:

Phone Number:
How many in your party?__________ Male______ Female______


CMS Forays collecting for the Mushroom Show

On Saturday, Oct 20., CMS will organize two separate forays to collect specimens for the Mt Pisgah Mushroom show.

To maximize our coverage, we will be splitting into two groups going to different places.

Foray 1) Up Hwy 126, led by Marcia Peeters. Mushroom permit needed. Approx. distance we may travel, 90 miles.  Please bring your trail parking pass if you have one. We will have to pay parking. Limit 22.

Foray 2) Up Hwy 58, led by Cheshire Mayrsohn. Mushroom permit needed. Approx. distance we may travel, 90 miles.  Please bring your trail parking pass if you have one. We will have to pay parking. Limit 22.

As is the case for all CMS forays, participation is limited to members only. Information on where to meet will be sent directly to those who have registered. Please indicate which one you prefer but if one fills up faster, you may be shifted  to the other. Don’t worry both will be fun. If you have other people you wish to be on the same foray with please put their names in “others in your party”  but each person still needs to register. On their own. To register, send email to with the following information :

Name of each person coming :

Others in your party (optional) :

E-mail :

Phone :

Please bring on the foray a signed liability waiver of each person, available here: Liability Waiver.  In addition, please bring lunch, water, something to carry mushrooms in, and money for gas.

CMS Member Foray — Saturday May 19th, 2012

The foray is limited to CMS members ONLY and pre-registration is required. You must register by the end of day Sunday May 13th in order to attend the foray. NO EXCEPTIONS! This sounds strict, but we need to have a firm count of the number of attendees so that we can plan the appropriate number of leaders and locations. For general information on what to expect at at a CMS foray see

We will be meeting at 7:45 am Saturday from the Eugene/Springfield area. Alternately, you can elect to camp in the Jack Creek area on Friday night. Either way the specific meeting time, location and any additional instructions will be provided via email to those who are registered for the foray.

An email has been sent out to members with instructions on how to register for the foray. If you are a member but have not received the email instructions (perhaps because you have not shared your email with us yet), please email your request to and we will provide them to you.

Foray — Saturday, February 18th

Our resident expert Chris Melotti will be leading a mushroom foray this Saturday February 18th 2012.

Forays are open to CMS members only, and preregistration is required. Please register at by 12:00 PM Friday the 17th. The group will meet at 10:00am on Saturday at a location approximately 30 minutes from Eugene. Instructions on where to meet will be provided to those who register. Also please see our *General Foray Information*

If you have any questions, please contact the foray coordinator at

Give Your Valentine a Mushroom Foray — Sunday, February 12th

Changes to CMS Forays:

The CMS board met to discuss forays and issues related to increased foray turnout and membership. First, we are happy that the interest in forays has increased and want to make sure that our forays stay fun and safe for all involved. We also want to make sure that all members have an opportunity to learn through these forays if they are interested. However the increased turnout has brought its own set of challenges as well and some changes needed to be made.

Due to increased turnout at forays and in order to manage size and keep forays safe, registration is now required in advance and is available for members only. This is a change to the previous policy that allowed friends of members to attend without becoming members. This is also a change to the way previous forays were organized where anyone interested could show up that morning without notifying the leader. If you aren’t a member and want to attend a foray, keep in mind that there are several membership options open and we want to make this affordable to everyone. Family memberships allow members from a single household to attend.

Registration will be done via email for now, but we may add another online option in the future. By having a list of attendees ahead of time, we will be able to cap forays before they become too large for foray leaders to safely keep track of the group, and to keep our impact on the ecosystems at a healthy level. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes you can contact the foray coordinators at

Also please see our *General Foray Information*

Now For The Good Part!

Join us Sunday, Feb 12. for a foray with Harriet Kelly and David Hammond,low elevation, Cascade foothills, within 40 miles of Eugene. We will meet at 10 a.m. and plan to be back by midafternoon. Members only, no guests, no dogs.

We’re hoping for hedgehogs, winter chanterelles and black trumpets, and good weather. Terrain will be moderate, no steep climbs required to get to mushrooms but the trail is narrow in spots. Projected range is under 2 miles. Mushroom permits required. The permit you got last fall is now expired. Please get your 2012 mushroom permit from the Forest Service at 3106 Pierce Parkway in Springfield8-4:30 Monday thru Friday or any other Forest Service office.

Reservation required, foray is limited to twenty five peoplePlease bring your trail head parking pass, if you have one. register at forays@cascademyco.orgby Thursday Feb. 9. Please include the names of all people coming including children and a contact phone number (cell phone number is preferred, as I need it for the trip roster). Each person registering must be a member! Please bring a watch, dress for the weather. Meeting location and more information will be sent out with registration confirmation.