MLCO Foray Report – Dec 1, 2018

Macrofungi of Lane County Oregon

Foray & Microscopy workshop with Noah Siegel and Susie Holmes

On Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd the Macrofungi of Lane County Oregon (MLCO) project sponsored a foray and microscopy workshop lead by Noah Siegel and Susie Holmes. We had a group of 17 including two invited LCC students. On Saturday we went to two spots in the Marcola area. The first, which was at about 1800 feet elevation was rather cold with some snow on the ground. Snow occasionally dropped from the trees onto the umbrellas that many of us were carrying, but that did not dampen any of the enthusiasm of the group. Noah first led us through the process that he utilizes when documenting on INaturalist and collecting specimens. Then we all ventured out to find and document quite a few specimens. We stopped for a shorter time at a lower elevation spot, then decided to head back to LCC to get an early start on the Microscopy workshop.  We first learned how to slice specimens (very carefully) and do simple “squash mounts” with stains. Once we all had something to look at Noah led us through the process of how to examine them using the microscope and what to look for. Sunday’s workshop included some more advanced microscope work in which Molly was very excited about seeing her first clamp connection. Susie also had some prepared slides for novices like myself to examine. The final afternoon was spent in teams going through the full documentation process of some of the specimens we had collected. Here is an example description of a Xerocomellus mendocinensis done by Scott Clarke’s team.  Dr. Bitty Roy also showed us the process for collecting samples to be sent for DNA testing.

Below is a partial list of the specimens collected on Saturday.

Family Genus Substrate
Marasmiaceae Atheniella adonis Needle Duff
Cantharellaceae  Cantharellus formosus Needle Duff
 Tricholomataceae Clitocybe fragans Needle Duff
Cortinariaceae Cortinarius anomalus Wood
Agaricaceae Cystoderma amianthinum Soil
Agaricaceae Cystoderma fallax Wood
Dacrymycetaceae Dacrymyces chrysospermus Wood
Dacrymycetaceae Calocera Moss
 Tricholomataceae Clitocybe
Agaricaceae Cystoderma Needle Duff
Hymenogastraceae Galerina, sp 1 Moss
Hymenogastraceae Galerina, sp 2 Moss/Soil/Duff of Psuedotsuga menziesii
Inocybaceae Inocybe Soil
Inocybaceae Inocybe, sp 1 Needle Duff
Inocybaceae Inocybe, sp 2 Needle Duff
Inocybaceae Inocybe, sp 3 Duff of Doug fir and Moss
Russulaceae Lactarius Soil
Agaricaceae Lepiota Needle Duff
Agaricaceae Lycoperdon Grassland
Clavariaceae Mucronella
Russulaceae Russula Soil
 Tricholomataceae Tricholomopsis Wood
Omphalotaceae Gymnopus androsaceus Wood
Inocybaceae Inocybe geophylla  Needle Duff
Inocybaceae Inocybe sororia Soil
Russulaceae Lactarius luculentus laetus Needle Duff
Russulaceae Lactarius rubrilacteus Needle Duff
Agaricaceae Lepiota magnispora needle Duff
Agaricaceae Lycoperdon perlatum Needle Duff
Omphalotaceae Marasmiellus candidus Wood
Marasmiaceae Marasmius plicatulus Soil
Mycenaceae Mycena epipterygia Wood
Mycenaceae Mycena leptocephala Wood
Mycenaceae Mycena maculata Wood
Agaricaceae Nidula candida Wood
Fomitopsidaceae Rhodofomes cajanderi Wood
Russulaceae Russula cerolens Duff
Russulaceae Russula xerampelina Soil
Russulaceae Russula brevipes Soil
Mycenaceae Sarcomyxa serotina Wood
Strophariaceae Stropharia ambigua Leaf litter
Boletaceae Xerocomellus mendocinensis Duff
Xylariaceae Xylaria hypoxylon Wood


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