CMS Enews – February 2018


This month’s Enews reminds CMS Members and guests that our meeting is on Monday, February 5th, and in an alternate meeting room. Brooke Fochuk and Kelly Slocum will be talking to us about Truffle Hunting with Dogs.  Brooke will be bringing her dog Dexter who was trained to hunt truffles by Kelly. You will want to mark your calendars for upcoming CMS events on February 17th and February 25th. The Enews also informs you about opportunities for Dyeing with Lichen, going on a Lichen walk at Mount Pisgah Arboretum, and learning more about Lichens. The “In case you missed it on Facebook” section has 10 of the most recent fungi related stories to hit the news including boots made from fungi for use by astronauts on Mars, and a new medical trial for treating persons who suffer from depression with psilocybin. We wind up the issue with the not-so mushroomy forecast and a review of the very unique and edible Cat’s Tongue mushroom. Read the entire January 2018 Enews issue here


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