Edible Mushroom Forecast January/February


OK, it is time to reveal the secret of winter mushroom hunting!

Having grown up in Florida I tend to hibernate a little during the winter months.  I have numerous methods of keeping warm, with my “blanket cozy” being one of my favorite. I recently discovered that if I veg out on the couch all snuggled up in in my blanket cozy that mushrooms will magically appear.  Not! Unfortunately for us cold weather avoiders, the only way to find winter fruiting mushrooms is to get off the couch and get out in the woods!
Surprisingly, I have found that as long as it is not raining and I dress warm, winter mushroom hunting is quite pleasant.  There is a lot less competition during the winter months and you do not have to be concerned about hunters (the type with guns), that are also out during the fall mushroom season. So, what edible mushrooms will you find out there for January/February?  Well, that’s pretty easy. Here is a link to the December/January forecast, and it is pretty much the same (Winter Chanterelles, Hedgehogs, Candy Caps, Black Trumpets – if you are lucky). Where should you go? Just avoid the higher elevations. If you have never been out in the winter, try any of your lower elevation spots where you find mushrooms in the fall. You may even find some Chanterelles still out there. Yes, I have heard reports from more than one person they are still finding both golden and white Chanterelles in January!

Also, make sure you stay safe out there in winter conditions. To help with that, here are some tips from the CDC on outdoor safety during the winter – Click Here. The best advice is to never go out mushroom hunting alone during cold weather (or any other time). For a solution to that, mark your calendar and register for the CMS January 21st foray, or stay tuned for CMS Member forays in the coming months












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