CMS Enews – January 2018


This month’s Enews reminds CMS Members and guests that our meeting is one week early on January 10th, 2018.  The speaker will be Dr. Erica Cline who will talk about toxic metals in mushrooms. Be sure to come and find out if you have anything to worry about. This issue also forewarns you about a change in our February meeting day to Monday, February 5th, updates you on the latest schedule of CMS Member forays, informs you about the upcoming Truffle Marketplace on Sunday, January 28th, lets you know your 2017 Mushroom Picking permits are now expired, informs you about CMS Member Roo Vandergrift’s project on Sequencing the Fungi of the Ecuadorian Andes, catches you up on all of the latest fungi news we posted on Facebook, provides the January/February Mushroom forecast, talks about Yellowfoot and Hedgehogs in the Mushroom of the month article, and asks you to mark your calendars for some upcoming fungal events you will not want to miss!  Read the entire January 2018 Enews issue here.

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