Festival Collection Foray – Wherever the Mushrooms Are!

Join us for a CMS Members Only foray to collect for the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival display. CMS is known for putting together the largest display of mushrooms identified to species on the west coast! Here is your opportunity to be a part of that display.  You may even find a mushroom that has never been displayed at previous festivals – we love new species additions. Or, better yet, you may find a mushroom that is selected for the Best in Show award! Collecting for the mushroom festival is always fun. Yes, you can also pick up a few edibles along the way, but this the time to open your eyes to all the fungi in our forest and fill your basket with the beautiful, the bizarre, and every fungus you can find!

CMS Board member Harriet Kelly will lead this foray.  Harriet has a sense of adventure when it comes to hunting mushrooms and likes to lead her forays that way. You may not know where you will be going until the day of the foray. But, rest assured there will be mushrooms! Harriet claims to be retired, but as much time as she spends in the woods foraging for mushrooms; she could have a career as a professional mushroom picker.   Harriet joined CMS in 2007 and has served on the CMS board since 2010 in the capacities of Foray Coordinator and as Membership Chair.  

To view the foray schedule for the 2017-2018 season go to our Member Foray Page.

Registration Limit: 12, families with children are welcome, no pets, please.

Foray Registration is open!

Registration coordinator for this foray is Sandy Patton


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