CMS Enews – October 2017

The October issue of the CMS Enews announces Peter McCoy as the speaker for the October meeting. Peter is the founder of Radical Mycology and author of the book Radical Mycology. It’s Mushroom Festival Time lets readers know how they can get involved with the Mount Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Festival – collect mushrooms, help set up on Saturday, or staff a CMS booth at the festival.  If you are up for more festivals there are actually five Mushroom Festivals or Gatherings in Oregon during the month of October and we tell you when and where they are.  Coming in November is a CMS Fall Mushroom Camp. We will tell you the when and where, and how to register. The “In case you missed it on Facebook” roundup of the latest online Fungi news includes articles on A Scientific breakthrough that may aid in developing tools to turn fungi into biofuel producers, LifeMine Therapeutics, a startup dedicated to discovering fungi for use in drug therapies, Bifiguratus adelaidae a new fungus discovered in North Carolina, How fungus makes plants more disease tolerant, and more. The October-November Edible Mushroom forecast is an “all play” and highlights the Cauliflower mushroom and Hedgehogs as excellent for beginners and the Mushroom of the Month is all about the Admirable Bolete. To read the entire issue – Click Here.


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