Interest Groups

Do you have a specific mycological interest? We all love going out to forage for wild mushrooms, but there are other ways to experience fungi.  The CMS Board would like to encourage the formation of Interest groups.  These would be subsets of CMS members that get together informally on their own schedule (monthly, quarterly, your choice) and plan their own activities.  You can meet in someones home, a pub, or a public meeting location like a park. Or, if you have no interest in formal meetings, just plan outings or events via email, a Facebook group, or other online methods. If an Interest Group would like to plan an activity that involves the entire membership, the CMS Board would certainly support that. If you have a project and need funding, present it to the CMS Board. But, whatever you do, it is all up to you. Here are some ideas of some interest groups and the types of activities they may be fun to pursue:

    • Mycelium – Are you fascinated by the potential uses of mycelium? Are you interested in exploring its uses for affordable housing, green building methods, fabrics, surfboards, packaging, and art? Do you want to find out if it can shift the way we address shared resources and the waste of our cities and economies? If so, the Mycelium Interest Group is for you. Learn more about this group…
    • Fungi Crafts – Learn mushroom crafts (clay mushrooms, dying with mushrooms, felted mushrooms, knitting mushroom hats), plan a mushroom painting outing to Vino and Vango, make mushroom costumes for the Mushroom Festival.
    • Culinary – Exchange mushroom recipes, meet in homes for mushroom dinners, plan an outing to The Joel Palmer House (pricey but fabulous mushroom dinners).
    • Photography – Share ideas on taking photos of fungi, go on outings to photograph fungi, organize a fungi photograph contest or display, invite a professional photographer to help improve your skills.
    • Cultivation –  Learn and share information about how to cultivate mushrooms in your garden, via growing kits, on logs. etc. Visit mushroom cultivation farms, partner with The School Garden Project to incorporate mushroom cultivation into school gardens.
    • Education – Gather information and organize fungi education for the community and local schools.
    • Taxonomy – Calling all “Fungi Nerds”, if you are one, you know that is a compliment.  Get together to learn about and study fungi in detail, sponsor microscopy classes or outings to herbariums.   Organize the preservation of mushrooms collected for the Mushroom festival into an herbarium.

CMS will support Interest Groups with advertising to recruit members, communications coordination, registration services for events, and announcements through CMS online media and the CMS E-News. The CMS Interest Group Coordinator is Sandy Patton and can be reached at

All of the above Interest Groups have been formed!

If you would like to join in, complete the form below.

Requirements for participation in a CMS Interest Group:

  1. You must be a CMS Member to participate in CMS Interest Groups. If you are not currently a member, you can join CMS on our Membership page.
  2. You must be 18 years old.
  3. You need to live in the Eugene/Springfield vicinity or be willing to travel to Eugene/Springfield in order to participate in Interest Group activities.

Once we receive your submission and have verified you meet the requirements above you will be added to the Googelgroup email list of the Interest Groups you have requested.