CMS Board Activities

CMS Board of Director Activities/Planning

So, how do CMS meetings, forays, culinary events, mushroom displays, and educational activities get planned? The majority of them are organized by the CMS Board of Directors. The CMS Board meets monthly (on the 1st Thursday), year-round except for July.  We discuss upcoming activities, vote on expenditures, and make assignments on action items so that tasks will get accomplished. Here you will find who is on the Board, the CMS Action item spreadsheet of current and completed action items, and the meeting minutes from the Board meetings. 

If you would like to attend a CMS Board Meeting or get involved with the planning of any upcoming events, please send an email to to find out the location of the next meeting. You can also check our Volunteer page.

CMS Board of Directors
  • President: Chesire Mayrsohn,
  • Vice President/Speaker Coordinator: Chris Melotti,
  • Treasurer: Pavel Gubanikhin
  • Secretary:  Cori Sanchez
  • Membership Chair: Angela Stevens,
  • Foray Coordinator: Matthew Johnson
  • Communications Team: Sandra Patton, Heather Sielicki, Angela Stevens
  • Harriet Kelly, Lee Yamada

Webmasters & Facebook: Sandy Patton & Heather Sielicki,
CMS E-News: Sandy & Ron Patton, Eva Swaim,
CMS Interest Group Coordinators: Eva Swaim,

CMS Board Action Items

Current Action Item Report  (PDF of current open action items).

CMS Board Meeting Minutes

January 2019
February 2019
March 2019
April 2019
May 2019
June 2019
July 2019 – No meeting
August 2018
September 2018
October 2018
November 2018
December 2018