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Fungal Identification Workshop

Two day Fungal Identification Workshop

The Cascade Mycological Society (CMS) announces an intermediate to advanced, two day fungal identification workshop. The workshop will be lead by Mycologist Ron Hammil, with assistance from Lane Community College (LCC) Biology instructor Susie Holmes. Dates:  March 9th & 10th, 2017, 9am to 5pm Location:  LCC...

Poisoning Alert

                                                                                                                             Oregon Poison Center   Fast Facts   1-800-222-1222   ALERT      –   AMANITA SMITHIANA MUSHROON POISONING We have had several cases of Amanita Smithiana that has caused acute renal failure in the last few weeks. This mushroom is often mistaken for the pine mushroom or matsutake...

Mushroom Identi-Fest: Thursday, September 12

Mushroom Identi-Fest: Thursday, September 12

The first meeting of “the mushroom year” for the Cascade Mycological Society will be what we like to call the “identifest.” What’s an identifest? Just as it sounds, this meeting will be focused on identifying fresh mushrooms that people have brought with them. So, bring whatever...

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