Community Forays

Community Forays & Classes

CMS partners with the City of Eugene Recreation Services to offer seasonal educational forays and classes to the community.  The following Classes and Forays are offered in the fall with the Amazon Community Recreation Center2700 Hilyard St, Eugene.  Pre-registration for these offerings are required at Eugene RecEnroll.

Fall Mushroom Classes & Forays

Fall Registration is open at Eugene RecEnroll
Intro To Wild Mushroom Foraging (November 2, 2018) – Barcode 131462
Do you enjoy eating local wild mushrooms but are afraid to forage for them? Learn how to safely identify and consume wild mushrooms. Discover their habitat, which mushrooms to avoid and which choice edibles are easiest to identify and find. The presentation includes an edible & non-edible mushroom display and wild mushroom tasting based on season and weather availability.

Family Mushroom Foray (November 3, 2018) Barcode 131461
The Cascade Mycological Society guides us on a fungi identification hunt in our own neighborhood. Explore a local park (Hendrick Park or Amazon Park) for fall mushrooms. We won’t be picking on this trip, just identifying.

Adult Mushroom Foray (October 20, 2018) –  Barcode 131463
In partnership with the Cascade Mycological Society, we offer a trip to the woods in search of mushrooms. This trip will be educational and with luck, we will find some edible varieties. Open to persons 18 years and older. Transportation included. Cost is $32.

Spring Mushroom Classes

Spring Mushroom Gardening (TBD) –  Barcode #TBD
Would you like to improve the soil in your garden while cultivating delicious and nutritious mushrooms to eat this summer? Then this class is for you. Learn how to cultivate King Stropharia (Stropharia rugosoannulata), also known as the Garden Giant mushroom in your garden. The Garden Giant is one of the easiest edible mushrooms to cultivate and has a taste and texture similar to a portabella mushroom. It can be grown in a bed by itself; incorporated into a vegetable garden, or any other type of garden. Adding mushrooms to a garden actually improves the vigor of other vegetables or plants in the same garden bed.  Everyone in the class will go home with a King Stropharia cultivation kit that includes everything needed to get started. Cost is $30.


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