Went out for chanterelles on Sat in Coastal Range

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Went out for chanterelles on Sat in Coastal Range

Postby drfugawe on Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:42 am

We went out on Saturday to try to catch the emerging first bloom of chanterelles, fully aware that we probably were a bit early. We went out to the Cherry Creek area in the foothills of the Range (McKinley area of Coos County), which is fairly low (400' avg) and level. Our rain gauges told us that there had probably been more than 2" in the past week, and that's enough to kick the season into gear.

Went to our fav spot first and it was plenty wet enough, but except for a few small summer leftovers, we found nothing - not even any junk shrooms. But there had obviously been a big wind storm out there and there were downed trees everywhere, which of course make moving around difficult, something I avoid these days. Damn. Found similar at all spots we tried, and lots of trees down all over.

We'll give it a week and go up higher (Burnt Mountain, Douglas County).
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