Story Time! Run-Ins with aggressive/territorial foragers?

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Story Time! Run-Ins with aggressive/territorial foragers?

Postby blockward on Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:45 pm

I'm curious if anyone here has had encounters with mushroom foragers that were keen to defend their "territory"?

A couple years back, some friends and I went picking around Mt Adams. We were returning to a particularly abundant spot we had foraged a week earlier, and had just hopped out of the truck and were heading off to see what we could see. I suddenly hear someone yelling at my friends, and returned quickly to find two men who had come out of nowhere and were heatedly informing my friend that they worked for the BLM and that "picking was illegal here!" and "you're gonna get a ticket!". I calmly talked to them and starting asking pointed questions, and before long it was clear these guys didn't work for the BLM - they were foragers too, and they saw us as poaching their site.

I kinda laughed, told them we were just casual pickers, and said we'd move along (there were plenty of spots to hunt), and soon saw that the guys had hidden their car behind a rise not 20 yards away. Understandably, my friends - who were the brunt of these guys' tirade - weren't so forgiving of their tactics. And I did wonder why they just didn't come out and say they were here first? Could've made for a much more congenial encounter.

(For the record, the area we were picking in wasn't closed to picking)

Anyone else have similar stories?
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Re: Story Time! Run-Ins with aggressive/territorial forager

Postby drfugawe on Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:46 am

In my neck of the woods, BLM lands are wide open to all pickers - but it is simple courtesy not to disturb other pickers by picking in the same area that they are in - therefore, I don't understand why the guys you crossed would want to park where no-one could see them. If I see a car parked in one of my fav spots, I'll move on to another spot, where no one else is picking. But I think that's just professional courtesy (all permit pickers will honor it), and legally, anyone can pick wherever they wish on BLM lands.
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