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--No Spamming. 'Spam' posts will be deleted, and spam posters banned.

Forum Guidelines:

--Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: If there is a thread already started on the same subject that you're posting on, add your thoughts to that thread rather then creating a new one. Of course if you're taking a different slant on the subject its fine to post a new topic. Conversely, if a thread is going in a completely new direction, why not open up a new topic?

--Give your topic a descriptive name:
A topic with a descriptive name helps people to be able to retrieve the topic via a later search. It also helps others know the content of a post before clicking on it.

--Keep in mind that this is a public forum run by a non-profit mushroom society. Please be respectful of the Cascade Mycological Society's vision statement in your use of the forum.

Our Vision Statement:
1. to study fungi;
2. to educate members and the public about fungi identification and ecology;
3. to promote the conservation of fungi;
4. to promote health and safety in the gathering and consumption of edible fungi; and last but not least,
5. to have fun!

Posts that promote unsafe mushroom hunting practices, or that would make a general community feel unwelcome are discouraged.

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