Upcoming Forays in Anticipation of the Festival

NOTE: Updated foray information. There will be one more foray before the festival on Friday the 28th. Since this is on a school day, the high school parking lot is not available and a new meeting place has been chosen. This is the Ray’s Food store in Pleasant Hill meeting at 8:45 AM and leaving at 9:00 AM sharp.

There are currently three forays confirmed.

The confirmed dates are Oct. 22nd, 23rd, and 28th.

Forays are limited to CMS members (and friends) only. You can become a member to join us!

Meet at the South Eugene High School by 8:45 for introductions and directions (except for the 28th, see the note above about meeting place). We will leave at 9:00am sharp. *General Foray Information*

NOTE: It would be very helpful for planning purposes if you RSVP’ed if you are planning on attending a foray. This allows us to better plan for group size. You can do this by emailing forays@cascademyco.org and telling us how many are attending.

Note that sometimes destinations are changed based on weather conditions and where we get reports of fungal activity, but here is a rundown of the planned destinations and forest districts. Please check back on this website the day before the foray for any changes or updates on foray details.

  • Oct. 22nd – Florence coast area / Siuslaw Nat. Forest
  • Oct. 23rd – Lower Cascades / Willamette Nat. Forest
  • Oct. 28th – Lower Cascades / Willamette Nat. Forest

Permit Details

We have procured a group permit for the Willamette National Forest that will allow a foray attendee to collect up to 5 specimens for festival purposes. This does not allow for personal collection (e.g. for edibles), a separate (free) permit is required in the Willamette Nat. Forest.
For the Siuslaw National Forest, no permit is required for 1 gallon of mushrooms per person. A group permit for festival purposes is in the works.

NOTE: This permit can also be used outside a foray, provided that you have in your possession a copy of the permit letter and a map of the allowed picking areas for the Willamette National Forest. These were handed out at the CMS meeting, but email forays@cascademyco.org if you need a copy of the letter. The maps must be picked up at a ranger station.

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