Annual Membership Meeting — Thursday, May 12, 2011

Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled this year for May 12, 2011, 7:00 pm, at the Pizza Research Institute, 530 Blair Blvd. We will supply pizza, you will of course BYOB (Buy Your Own Beer).

The purpose of the meeting is three-fold. First we will elect a new Board.

Our second goal is to recruit members to volunteer to help make the events we put on, the forays, the MPA Mushroom Show, the monthly speakers and the Yearly Fungal Feast, happen. We have several committees to ease the load on individuals and bring new ideas and energy to our programs. You can be a part of these events.

Committees include:

  • Mushroom Show 30 year Anniversary Celebration, to help organize something special for the coming show.
  • Forays, to help identify and scout new areas
  • Speakers, to help find new and interesting speakers. Come tell us what you are interested in and with your help we can do it. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Thirdly, we like to have fun. The Board is a fun[gal] group of folks that just like to have fun with mushrooms, so please come to the meeting, share the free pizza, and get involved. We need your ideas and energy. Come on down!

Vote by E-Mail

For the first time CMS will conduct the Board election over the internets. For those of you for which we have a valid email address, instructions will be sent out by email. Please vote by May 11th.

If you have not shared your email address with us, there are two ways you can vote. One way is to send your email address to us so we can send you the voting link and share things like this with you in the future. Don’t worry, we don’t sell your email address to the highest bidder; it’s kept private and only used for electronic versions of the Monthly newsletter and infrequent but pertinent emails about upcoming events. Email if you’d like to get the voting link.

The other option is to vote in person at the meeting with us. Regardless of how you choose to vote, we hope to see you at PRI on May 12th.

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