No Foray Saturday February 6th

We’re sorry to announce that the foray that is traditionally held before the fungal feast will be canceled due to poor conditions. The weather patterns including the deep freeze in December have drastically reduced the availability of the edible species usually collected.

We’ve heard reports of modest amounts of mushrooms from some members, and if you are interested in looking for them, the foray was to be held in the Cedar Creek campground along the Brice Creek trail. Generally productive areas have been found by taking the bridge and turning left and following the trail downstream. Directions to the campground are as follows:

From Cottage Grove Exit 174 on Interstate 5, take Row River Road #2400 east 19 miles to road #2470 (2149). Turn right (southeast) on County Road #2470 and continue for 4 miles along Brice Creek to Cedar Creek Campground, located on the north side of road #2470.

Please remember that this is located in the Umpqua National Forest and a permit is required for personal or commercial collection.

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