CMS Member Foray — Saturday December 5th, 2009

The next foray will be occurring on Saturday Dec, 5th. Joe Spivak will be leading the foray.

We will be going to the Bryce Creek area. An additional meeting site has been added, at the Cottage Grove Ranger Station at 9:30 AM. We will still depart from S. Eugene High School at 9:00 but will meet Joe at the ranger station. If your location is such that it’s easier to meet in Cottage Grove, feel free to meet there instead. This foray will be in the Willamette National Forest. For personal collection, a free permit is required and is available at Willamette ranger stations one of which is in Springfield. More information on permits is available on the Willamette NFS website.

Forays are limited to CMS members (and friends) only. You can become a member on Saturday to join us!

Meet at the South Eugene High School by 8:45 for introductions and directions. We will leave at 9:00am sharp.

*General Foray Information*

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