The Northwest Environmental Education Council presents: Intro to Wild Mushroom Identification on the Olympic Peninsula

This course provides an introduction to wild mushroom identification. Emphasis is  on  basic  identification skills of wild mushrooms, including edible mushrooms and their poisonous  look-alikes.  Students  will  learn  what  to  look  for  and terminology used to distinguish  common  mushrooms  and  relatives.  Basic  fungal  biology  and ecology will be discussed.   Advanced   students  are  welcome  and  would  also  benefit  from  the  class.

About  the  Instructor:  Thom  O’Dell  has  over  twenty  five  years experience collecting, studying, growing and eating mushrooms. He has many publications including scholarly papers, books,  chapters  and field guides. He received his Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Oregon  State  University in 1992 and conducted field ecological studies in Olympic National Park  as  a  National  Science  Foundation  Postdoctoral Fellow. Thom was the first regional mycologist  for  the  USDA  Forest  Service  where  he supervised surveys for rare fungi and trained  federal  botanists  in their identification. He currently works for The Remediators Inc.,  a  soil  bioremediation  company in Port Angeles, WA commercializing methods to clean contaminated soil using fungi.

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